Strangely, the soul is like a plant. Two kinds of creatures—one invisible and the other invisible—but they are very similar to each other.

They are very similar in terms of growth or development, especially in terms of developmental obstacles.

Plants grow or develop under sunlight, soil, freedom from predators, adaptation to the climate, and the help of humans.

Therefore, similar factors also contribute to the development of the human spirit.

This article discusses barriers to spiritual development. If you overcome or eliminate these obstacles in your life, your spirituality will develop faster.

Plants need sunlight. This is the basis for its growth. Unlike animals and humans, it cannot be kept indoors most of the time. Similarly, the human spirit needs the sunshine of God’s Word.

The Bible says that the word of God is the light on the path of the righteous. The sun not only shines, but also emits heat and warmth. The word of God also warms the hearts of spiritual people.

Failure to allow spiritual people to touch God’s Word is the number one obstacle to spiritual development. This kind of exposure, just like exposing plants to the sun, needs to be done every day.

Second, plants need soil to develop. Today we know that some plants are no longer planted in the soil. Some kinds of plants just hang in the air. Other species grow on water or some liquid. But even these grow on the ground and are nourished by substances naturally present in the soil (such as nitrogen).

In a similar way, the human spirit needs spiritual soil, as well as events that occur in life around them. They move in the world events. Even a hermit or the most enclosed monk is surrounded by air, vegetation, buildings, and electromagnetic waves. You can obtain information about events around him by simply pressing an electronic device. These events motivate spiritual people to continue to live and pursue spiritual growth. After all, he developed spiritually for the benefit of others. The human spirit that lives only for itself is even barren than the most barren desert.

The life of Thomas Merton helps us reflect on the concept of spiritual soil. He is a Trappist monk and a member of one of the strictest orders in the church. However, he doesn’t just live for himself. He thought of the world around him and wrote down many things he observed. Because of this, his spiritual development is faster than his brother monk, leaving us with a lot of spiritual food.

The second obstacle to spiritual development is forgetfulness of the world around us. This forgetfulness is like uprooting a plant from the soil.

Third, plants need to adapt to a suitable climate. Some plants, such as bananas, cannot grow in snowy and cold places. Other plants, such as apples, do not grow well in warm climates.

In a similar way, the human spirit needs an appropriate spiritual atmosphere to develop. There were two periods in the history of the Christian church that there were many saints: there was persecution in the first century, and the study of Christianity flourished in Europe in the Middle Ages.

The third obstacle to spiritual development is an inappropriate spiritual atmosphere. When most people turn to material comfort as a way of life, their spiritual development is suffocated by the things around them. However, when more and more people oppose materialism, more spiritual development will inevitably occur.

Fourth, predators may hinder the development of plants: humans, animals, or other plants. Some people cut down plants indiscriminately. Animals feed on plants. Other plants that grow faster and therefore consume more nutrients from the soil may get very close to the less fortunate plants and hinder their growth.

Similarly, there are spiritual predators who are jealous of our human spirit and hinder its development. The apostle Paul warned us that our real enemy is the soul wandering in this world. They also hinder our spiritual development. They are the fourth obstacle to spiritual development.

Fifth, the plants cultivated by human gardeners grow faster and better. Wild plants do develop. But in a garden under human care, plants will grow more.

Similarly, the human spirit with excellent spiritual teachers develops faster and better. We now have spiritual coaches who can guide others on their spiritual path. Some of these coaches are good, some are not so good. The fifth obstacle to spiritual development is the lack of good spiritual teachers or coaches.

These are the obstacles to spiritual development: 1) Lack of daily contact with God’s words; 2) forgetfulness of things around us; 3) inappropriate spiritual atmosphere; 4) spiritual predators, jealous of our human spiritual development and the spirit that obstructs it; 5) Lack of good spiritual mentors or coaches.

Now it is up to you to identify which obstacles are more effective in hindering your spiritual development. Then you find ways to get rid of or reduce these obstacles.

Source by Jose Bulao

Obstacles to spiritual development

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