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  • Coastalgirl38 7 years ago

    I just found your site and love it. I’m a little overwhelmed with it all,? but will try to start small. I think I can get some buckets, but not sure how to really start. I’ll take a look at your videos, but time is tight. I have no idea where to get soil. Maybe a construction site and then add ammendments like you were talking about. I’m still not clear how to start, but simply, I guess. Do you drill holes in the bottom for drainage? Then there’s the deer who eat everything.

  • Chiquita Richey 7 years ago

    what are you growing in? the blue container at the end of the video…curious?

  • edicatdigit 7 years ago


  • Dennis Khaye 7 years ago

    Sphagnum moss is used primarily in crafts and? packing. While peat moss and sphagnum moss come from the same plant, they represent different points in its life cycle. The idea of adding moss to the vermiculite is that the moss acts like a sponge and the mixture (it’s not soil mind you) stays moist by drawing the water up.

  • Dennis Khaye 7 years ago

    If you look at LDS Prepper’s youtube channel, you’ll see an entire series on how he captures rainwater in 250 gallon totes. He? runs a hose off the totes into the first bucket which automatically fills and refills the rest of the chain of buckets.

  • Dennis Khaye 7 years ago

    LDS Prepper has a youtube channel where he explains how he uses a rain water capture system to keep his? buckets full of water. If you use tap water then you’ll have to get/buy a soil testing kit and find out where your Ph level is. Add lime if you need to.

  • edicatdigit 7 years ago

    Our water has a really high lime content. Should I leave out the gardener’s lime for my containers? Enjoy your vids very? much. Some truly out of the box thinking and techniques.

  • jic1111 7 years ago

    re organic? microlife: it’s not organic if it has non-organic pork and corn and fish meal in it. but it still looks better than other.

  • Michael Akers 7 years ago

    Forgive my ignorance… why do you have the buckets connected with hoses?? Do you have a separate large water collector that feeds the entire bunch?

  • bradplunkett69 7 years ago

    great video series. can you clarify? please: do you use Sphagnum or peat moss?

  • spiritartman 7 years ago

    How do? you cut the bucket down as in the last vid?

  • LDSPrepper 7 years ago

    Thank you for commenting. For directions on the float bucket search my channel for ” Off-Grid Self-Watering? Container Gardening System: Made Easy” at 5:35 I talk about the float bucket. Put the float about 4″ up from the bottom of the bucket. There are links below the video for all the items including the float. I hope that helps.

  • mickey saathoff 7 years ago

    how frustating! I have been playing different videos to find the original post yto see how to build the water reservoir and your video numbering is insane. Looks like a great system? but im not going to spend hrs trying to find the order of your vids.

  • LDSPrepper 7 years ago

    Way to go on the net cups and MicroLife. Mix one cup of MicroLife throughout the soil? mix. Check your soil pH after you have added water and mixed the peat moss, perlite and MicroLife. If the mix is between 5-7 pH then do not add any lime. If you don’t have a way to check the pH don’t add any lime. Typically watering by itself will raise the pH level of soil. Best of luck.

  • Lulabellesgifts 7 years ago

    Just got my net pots in. Im going to take the? plunge and order the microlife. If I want to be able to use the potting mix over in the buckets how should I mix it? Just run the lime through the middle instead of mixing it in maybe like in your strawberry bucket?

  • LDSPrepper 7 years ago

    Yes you can plant seed? directly into the soil mix. For any size bucket, fill it with 70% peat moss then 30% pearlite.

  • LDSPrepper 7 years ago

    Yes, that is? the correct price.

  • Chefasia1 7 years ago

    I started to make the buckets? with all the holes and I was wondering if I can put the seeds into each hole instead of started them in starter trays, just put them in the holes in the bucket so there is no need to transplant later. Can you also go over the soilless mix for me again? For a 5 gallon bucket how much Peat Moss, etc… Thanks so much!

  • FlowerFairie02 7 years ago

    Just looked and it is a? 40lb bag

  • FlowerFairie02 7 years ago

    Would I use the same percentages as your mix? Unfortunately I do not have a local nursery near me. I want to keep my veggies organic I don’t want to use chemicals? in them. I found a site that sold the microlife online but it was $32 is that a normal price?

  • LDSPrepper 7 years ago

    You can use any organic fertilizer. I would ask your local? plant nursery, not a big box store.

  • FlowerFairie02 7 years ago

    Please Help! I want? to get started on my buckets and I can’t get the microlife I’m closer to Dallas than Houston and they don’t sell it here. What can I use in my buckets instead?

  • LDSPrepper 7 years ago

    I have not used LED grow lights. I recommend brewing the tea. There is a lot of dis-information? about brewers and teas. I’m testing brewers and recipes right now for an upcoming compost tea video. Stay tuned.

  • Chefasia1 7 years ago

    I was looking? into LED grow lights. Have you used them before and which ones do you recommend? Also I saw some info on making compost teas so people simply steep the compost with success or do you recommend brewing the compost tea with molasses and other additives like kelp?