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  • Elicia Burton 1 month ago

    I really love what you are saying here, and I think right. and about exactly the opposite of what art school taught me. They used to tell us, the story must first come and then the artwork, it really made me crazy too. that it had to be written about, what it was suppose to be before it was made. The idea that you just create it and then the viewer gets to make their own story about it is so FREEing to the artist. It makes doing whatever is ok and that is the art in it after all. You are so correct in this, thanks for your insight.

  • Estelle Hart 1 month ago

    Jose, You are so inspiring. Love to watch you paint every day. Stay on YouTube. Instagram is ripping you off. You should be getting paid by them for promoting their site.

  • Ronda Bruce 1 month ago

    Beautiful – I love it

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