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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote AZ Archery Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt- John Stallone My once in a lifetime Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep hunt. Its hard to describe the feeling of having a once in a lifetime sheep tag but its not like I expected it to be…. Filmed By Jake Domres & Levi Paul. Edited By Trevon Stolzfus Narrated and Produced By John Stallone Special Thanks to Chad and Buddy Roberts for helping me glass for sheep Video Rating: / 5


  • Buck Horn 9 months ago

    That arrow flight on camera was epic then the backwards walk of death awesome!!

  • Hunt Hardcore 9 months ago

    Wow, what an achievement! Great ram.

  • Brandon Vill 9 months ago

    What a badass hunt. Congrats to you.

  • Greg Baker 9 months ago


  • Monte Maguire 9 months ago

    Good hunt. Great Shot !!

  • Andrew Zepf 9 months ago

    What a shot!! It's challenging enough hunting sheep or goat with a bow, but to take a 47-yard shot and pretty much drop him in his tracks…WOW!! Congratulations, and thanks for sharing this.

  • breton outfitter 9 months ago

    Un tiro muy chingon.felicidades

  • Derrick Garcia 9 months ago

    congrats that is bad ass

  • Warriors Never Give Up 9 months ago

    John’s passion for the outdoors and work ethic is epic in itself. I have experienced firsthand his passion and expertise in the outdoors and have been blessed by his friendship and willingness to teach. This hunt of a lifetime is well deserved for a warrior dedicated to pushing himself to the limits to find out who he is and what he’s made of. Congratulations John on a great animal but more importantly congratulations on uplifting the warrior within. May God bless you on your next adventure. I can’t wait until our paths cross again in the great outdoors that God has created. You are a true warrior.

  • upland90254 9 months ago

    Great video.  Nice job, and congratulations on an outstanding trophy of a lifetime!

  • Cliff Tulpa 9 months ago

    Congratulations John on a great Desert Ram! Well done! Have to give you extra credit for doing it with a bow, as that adds a whole different level of difficulty to an already tough hunt!

  • Blue Eisele 9 months ago

    Amazing shot how far was it?

  • Greyhunter 9 months ago

    Congratz! Nice job!

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