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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote I wanted to post a quick video update to show you what’s been happening in my garden. On February 15th, I started almost everything from seed in my house und… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Vast – Desert Garden.

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  • RossCirincione 7 years ago

    *Send? questions. Thank you.

  • RossCirincione 7 years ago send me an email and I’ll? senior questions direct.

  • ASFx2600 7 years ago

    Sure i’d be glad to help. Going to bed right now but email here on youtube and i’ll check it in the morning :D?

  • RossCirincione 7 years ago

    I’m looking to start a garden in Las Vegas. You open to answering some questions and helping me out getting it? started?

  • ASFx2600 7 years ago

    Yes, roma tomatoes actually do great? here!

  • dulcecanddy 7 years ago

    hello do roma tomato? grow well in lv

  • ASFx2600 7 years ago

    Nice. Will you make some videos? of your garden once it’s all done?

  • BillyBones139 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. I’m? considering starting raised bed gardening too (in Vegas).

  • ASFx2600 7 years ago

    Thanks! I just watched some of your videos too, and it looks like you’ve got some nice beans, peas, strawberries,? squash, berries, and more growing. Nice job! I’ve been wanting to grow berries too, but i’m running out of room. I still need to setup some sort of small 4×4 mini green house to make it easier during seed starting time.

  • Pastor Cameron 7 years ago

    NIce niceeeeeeeeeeeee garden! Congrats, it’s my first year planting? also and doing a little video blog on it. So far its been alot of fun.

  • ASFx2600 7 years ago

    @Bublonichronic Thank you. Are you setting up an outdoor garden too? It looks like you’re doing great on your indoor grows. Let me know if you need? any help with setting up your outdoor garden beds.

  • ASFx2600 7 years ago

    Thanks! The? drawing really helps a lot to plan the garden, and figure out how many seeds I need to start of each plant.

  • ASFx2600 7 years ago

    Lemon grass is a great idea. I do love lemon grass. I built my self-watering rubbermaid containers based on the “global buckets” idea. Check them out on youtube. With the rubbermaid containers, i used the bottom of another container and put it? inside, upside down to create a platform. Then i drilled drainage holes in it, along with a circle in the center where i put a container that will sit down inside the water reservoir and wick the water up.

  • VivaLasVeggies 7 years ago

    Jason your garden looks amazing! I like the google drawing, great? idea!

  • inthesunshinegirl 7 years ago

    super! – like the bucket idea with the water pipe thing stuck in it…might try that one! 🙂 you should add a lemon grass in a big deep tub for your? garden – tastes great in thai food also 🙂 – oh and spinach in hanging baskets!! 🙂 i love your garden wish it was mine 🙂

  • ASFx2600 7 years ago

    Thanks 🙂 I’m sure you’ll catch the next plant sale that happens when its? time to start planting fall veggies.

  • RylanTy 7 years ago

    Wow, Jason! I enjoyed the tour! I didn’t know you also grew a bunch of? other things! That is so awesome! Your peppers are getting big and you peppers are super gigantic! I LOVE IT! I wish I got those 50 cent tomatoes last time–I totally missed those! Again, awesome stuff! I’m glad to hear from you again.

  • ASFx2600 7 years ago

    Planting for fall is really nice because you have so many options. You can plant almost anything for a fall harvest if you’re in climate similar to mine. If i had more room i’d probably plant more tomatoes and peppers for a fall harvest, along with some pumpkins so I could harvest them in late october for halloween, and thanksgiving. Cooler weather plants like peas, broccoli, cauliflower,? cabbage, most lettuce, parsley, cilantro, onions, garlic, and shallots would all do well.

  • Paula Allen 7 years ago

    Next summer I plan to add more raised beds. This was my 1st year at gardening I did not want to overwhelm myself with to much growing on. What are some plants I can start in the summer months to be harvested in the Fall? I planted only the things that my husband or myself like to eat. I planted several pepper plants for my neighboor who is letting me? use an area that they don’t use to plant my pumpkin patch.

  • ASFx2600 7 years ago

    Thanks! Now that Everything is planted in the beds and growing nicely, i’m already starting to think about what I want? to grow during the cool season. Always planning ahead hah 🙂

  • ASFx2600 7 years ago

    By “next season”? do you mean the cool season, or next summer? Generally the best advice I have is grow lots of what you like to eat most.

  • Paula Allen 7 years ago

    Gave me some good ideals for next seasons garden beds. ?

  • Steve Harpster 7 years ago

    Awesome garden jason keep? up the good work

  • Abdou Kaci 7 years ago

    RESPECT FROM ALGERIA 🙂 the other side? of the planet …

  • nashinec1 7 years ago

    my favorite song from vast, I LOVE? IT

  • jaddicoat95 7 years ago

    I love this recording so much more than the one that went on the Nude album. Soncially, it’s just got? more cadence to it.

  • miaheatx78 7 years ago

    Great !@#$%^&? song!

  • Blognome 7 years ago

    love this song … I don’t know,? but the lyrics just popped into my mind and I hadn’t listened to it for months.

  • Thewayofmusic 7 years ago

    nice one?