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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote I share my first rule of successful gardening and the only pest control products I use in my garden and why I chose them. RESOURCES: – Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth: – Thuricide BT Caterpillar & Worm Control: – Triple Action Neem Oil: – Lawn and Garden Sprayer: Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Wayne Chandler Jr 8 years ago

    Lol…it “was” there yesterday till the bugs ate it. Enjoy? watching the progress.

  • Rally Sash 8 years ago

    Thanks! Didn’t know about neem? oil.

  • tony93666 8 years ago

    great info! My wife & I are starting our first garden together this year. We’re using ONLY organic/heirloom seeds so later we can harvest the seeds and keep everything 100% natural. We’ve got our ground tilled up and will be? starting our onion sets and spinach in a few more weeks(we live in North Carolina, so winter’s not bad at all).

  • Anywho LetitB 8 years ago

    Thanks for the information , Im just itching to get out in the yard and get my garden in gear. (spring fever??) lol perhaps, I just love to garden. Ive been gardening since I was 8 or 9 yrs old. Im now 46.? I would like to learn everything I can. Cause ya never know what tomarrow will hold. Have a goodun

  • LDSPrepper 8 years ago

    I would image it would. It is? not discriminate.

  • imasurvivornthriver 8 years ago

    Great tips! Thanks? for sharing.

  • JimTcarver 8 years ago

    Does any of these? products bother the red wiggler composting worms in the soil?

  • janie wallace 8 years ago

    thank you grasshoppers ate a whole row of radishes last year and my husband tried to tell me they didnt know i know what i can do this year to get rid? of them thank you again for the info…..

  • MrVic1954 8 years ago

    Thank? you

  • LDSPrepper 8 years ago

    Yes, yes and yes. It is great? stuff.

  • MrVic1954 8 years ago

    will diatamcious earth kill grasshoppers + locusts? Can you rub it on your dogs to kill fleas? TIA?

  • 1crazynordlander 8 years ago

    Interesting, the link you put up for the Diatomaceous Earth product is sold by a company my wife’s friend and her husband own. Hmmm, I take it internally for health? reasons.

  • Psaltrymom 8 years ago

    Thank you so much. I’m convinced had one of Egypt’s plagues been stink bugs, there would have been a? whole lot more first-borns !

  • LDSPrepper 8 years ago

    Good point. Thank you for mentioning that. I actually have never had a problem but it? is good to let people know.

  • LDSPrepper 8 years ago

    All the links are below the video? description. Click “show more”.

  • LDSPrepper 8 years ago

    If you want to kill all insects yes. It? will work.

  • LDSPrepper 8 years ago

    Yes. Here is a quote from a website that sells it for indoor use,? “Just think! You’ll never again suffer through the pain and hassle of roaches, mice, rats, silverfish, fleas, waterbugs,stink bugs, ladybugs, bedbugs, ants in your cabinets, on your food, ruining your day.”

  • Psaltrymom 8 years ago

    Will that work on stink bugs? They have tank-like exoskeletons. They destroy my? gardens (we are on the East Coast.). Any tips would be so appreciated, thanks!!

  • TradionallySouthern 8 years ago

    My favorites to use in the garden, too! Actually, I use the food grade Diatomaceous Earth on my African Grey Parrot to stop mites on him! ? Works great!

  • heismyhightower 8 years ago

    You also put out such? helpful videos, thank You
    . I have a question ~if diomatacious earth can kill ALL INSECTS can I stick with that alone for all my Veggie garden needs?

  • TexasRoadrunners 8 years ago

    Love my? DE.

  • mfhmonkey 8 years ago

    Very good video? and advice, thanks.

  • greenerpastures1000 8 years ago

    Great video! Thanks for arming us? with the knowledge to battle those garden pests. Very helpful!

  • mreisma 8 years ago

    AZAMAX is a great? organic product that works for me.