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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to Organic pest control – Natural bug and insect repellents When it comes to insects in your garden, it’s a bug eat bug world, so don’t panic. Some bugs are good for plants. But how to control the bad ones without chemicals? Here’s great advice from Scott Meyer, editor of Organic Gardening magazine. Keywords: organic pest control natural pest control natural bug repellent natural pesticide Video Rating: 4 / 5 MORE INFO AT: Organic gardening How to grow an organic vegetable garden What does it mean to grow vegetables organically? Scott Meyer, editor of Organic Gardening magazine shows how to plant and nurture an organic vegetable garden. Keywords: organic gardening… Video Rating: 1 / 5

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  • HowdiniGuru 6 years ago

    Thanks for that tip!? 😉

  • ManofChrist101 6 years ago

    Let the deer come!? Then i can kill them and have meat in addition to my fruits & vegetables. It would be a well-rounded meal

  • Energi2DmaxX 6 years ago

    I hear deer hate rosemary you can? try growing that around the garden

  • Allen Anderson 6 years ago

    Do the reflective tape, and tin pans also? scare away birds?

  • HowdiniGuru 6 years ago

    Thanks for the tip!? 😉

  • yoav sas 6 years ago

    Tannins are very good fungicides…make a tea with oak leaves,? it works wonders against fungi

  • Arron Geatches 6 years ago

    the soap did not? work for me..

  • HowdiniGuru 6 years ago

    Thanks! ;)?

  • Jamal M. Ashraff 6 years ago

    Keep your good work? up.

  • HowdiniGuru 6 years ago

    Thanks? for watching! 😉

  • Frank Wolff 6 years ago

    Organic and non-GMO is the way? to go

  • HowdiniGuru 6 years ago

    Yes? pesticides are very strong chemicals that are harmful. Maybe not right away and immediate but exposure and ingestion over time is. Thanks for sharing.

  • sqccccccccc 6 years ago

    Pesticide disturbs the? environment in the sense it KILLS YOU AND YOUR PETS: I AM NOW ALLERGIC TO PESTICIDES BECAUSE OF THIS.

  • Joe Fakeist 6 years ago

    What? happens when you have basil, or a plant where you actually eat the leaves? cause my mint and basil are being eaten

  • HowdiniGuru 6 years ago

    Citrus’ can be used as a natural repellant. However pay careful attention to where you apply it b/c it can irritate skin and it can damage? furniture. HTH.

  • Jordan Wiley 6 years ago

    can you? use lemon juice as a pest control?

  • dcgc2012 6 years ago

    Hi Jordan,after you made the mix,spray it rite on the plant’s.Or spray it on the spot’s that a prob is.It may also be wise to cut the mix down after it’s made.a 1:2 mix(1 cup tobacco juice,2 cup’s of water) in a hand? sprayer set on the finest setting you can get.I use pipe tobacco,as it’s cheap and can get it in any size bag up to 1 pound.And the mix is good up to 2 week’s in a bottle,but keep an eye on it,anything look’s funny,get rid of it.Any more question’s,just pm me on here.

  • Alexander O'Connell 6 years ago

    Hi Jordan here. I am a insecticide and fungicide sprayer for a plant nursery, Does the mixture here get sprayed straight on the? plant or do you have it in a bottle with holes or something?

  • HowdiniGuru 6 years ago

    Since we were not able to address the tobacco use in? the video…it was great that a viewer commented on that for the newbies who are watching for info.

  • dcgc2012 6 years ago

    You? don’t know this about tobacco??..ok.

  • dcgc2012 6 years ago

    ok,last time i post this..Take 1/2 cup of tobacco,hot water and let it be in 3 cup’s of water for at lest 3 day’s..strain that as much as you can.Now,you have that,add 1 table spoon of dish soap and mix well.Or you can cut it down to 1and 1.tobacco is a real powerful to bug’s..if it don’t kill them..then they don’t want to be there.The soap dry’s them? out.So,why not have the best for all we try to get.Tobacco is cheap,..and soap.And yes,it’s real good for everything.AND IT’S SAFE for your stuff.

  • HowdiniGuru 6 years ago

    Thanks for? watching and chiming in with that tip! 😉

  • dcgc2012 6 years ago

    I have a tip.Try 1/2 cup of tobacco in 3 cup’s of water for 3 day’s then strain as much as you can.When you have that,add 1sp of dish soap.The tobacco? is a killer for bug’s and the dish soap softness the skin of them.

  • HowdiniGuru 6 years ago

    Thanks for watching…Sorry about the Grape? Vines. Let us research this a bit. What area do you live in?

  • KateJanzen 6 years ago

    Awesome tips! We just planted a bunch of veggies this year…so this is great!
    We have a grape vine as well…but for the past two years, it gets killed by this massive swarm of tiny bugs (flies?)….they always show up just when the grapes start turning, and then the leaves shrivel up and it all stops? growing. Any one have any tips?