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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote – Organic Pest control. Join Tommy B of Killarney Garden Centre as he shows you organic slug control with Beer! Organic pest control is becoming a very popular way of controlling slugs in the garden. There are easy ways to control slugs organically using this method along with compatible planting methods. Compatible planting is very useful in organic slug control as you are using what is available to you and using the crops cleverly to assist each other with pest control issues. For more information on Organic Slug control advice visit our website. Lots more videos at http Online Marketing by: http If you are busy getting rid of slugs and like us want to use organic pest control methods you will want to watch this video. We have already put down some copper tape in an earlier video to protect the Lettuce plants from Garden Slugs but we have noticed that some of the Cabbage plants have some very small signs of slug damage. While it really is minimal and not serious at all, we still want to ensure we take action to protect them and limit the damage done to the crops, so rather than using Slug Pellets we want to use organic pest control methods so I have decided to add some Beer Traps to control Slugs on the Cabbage plants. These are simple containers that you fill with Beer and have little lids to keep the rain away from the Beer, make sure you use Beer rather than larger to control slugs. The Slugs love Beer, so if …

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  • Hawkbird Scarer 6 years ago

    Thanks! I’ve always restrained myself from applying any type of liquids that may affect the taste of my produce. Nonetheless I could use this for bugs. For? bigger predators like birds or rodents I used a Scarer ( for example: hawkbirdscarer. com) it costs me nothing? and it’s perfect because it doesn’t kill or affect the taste of my crops

  • ibusinessconsultants 6 years ago

    Hi there, thanks for? your comment and for watching the video. Yes, we had a lot of fun making it to be honest and good tip on your mixture, we will give it a try! Thanks again, and glad you enjoyed it!

  • applebritta 6 years ago

    I couldn’t bear to pour beer in, so I put sugar,? water, and yeast and it worked just as well. I love your video though, very funny.