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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This is like sterioids for your tomatoes. it works so well it should be illegal! try it! you definatly will not be upset, I promise. the results are going to be fenominal. thanks for watchign and hopefully everyone will enjoy ! AMOUNTS: – 40 lbs garden gypsom – 40 lbs organic soil conditioner 3-4-3 w/ benificial bacteria – 2 lbs starter fertilizer 4-3-3 w/ myccorhizea – 2 1/2 lbs fast acting lime – 2 lbs crushed egg shells – 16 oz. miccorhyzea inoculant – 8 oz. azos nitrogen fixing bacteria – 2 lb. plant fetilizer 5-3-3 – 2 lb. bone meal – 1 lb. blood meal *optional* – 1 1/2 lbs powdered mollasses *optional* – 2 lb. epsom salt *optional* – 2 to 3 lb. azomite or greensand

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  • pro311031 7 years ago

    Dude go buy a Bluetooth for 20 bucks! you can connect to your computer and it has pretty good sound quality too boot! As long as your computer? has Bluetooth connectivity on it!

  • MIgardener 7 years ago

    YES, the brix level for tomatoes is usually 7-11, and my tomatoes? were a 17-18

  • John Moore 7 years ago

    G’day bud, have you done any Brix testing on your Tom’s grown in this mix? Cheers? mate.

  • TATTOOTRAINING 7 years ago

    Seriously? …buy a knife

  • George Gray 7 years ago

    Great? info LUKE! Sorry you have to put up with so many negative people! Just know 1 positive feedback = 75 to 80 viewers! 1 negative feed back equals 2-5 viewers!

  • MIgardener 7 years ago

    I only fertilized once. I put about 1 1/2 – 2 cups of the fertilizer in each hole. I also kept watering constant all season long. The fertilizer will do the work for? you, no need to stress the plant out, the fertilizer will take hold automatically when the plant is ready. also, the stuff is released thrughout the whole season, so I am unsure of the time it is completly gone.

  • Mike Bann 7 years ago

    awesome recipe dude, I only plant 30 to feed myself but have become quite an enthusiast. I will use this, how often did you fertalize? I use a lot to get them going and then ramp it up as the plant gets bigger until they fruit and then you stop, that is my watering schedule as well but you mentioned that some of this stuff releases over time as the different creatures develop and turn the material into what the plants like,? how slowly is ths stuff released?

  • MIgardener 7 years ago

    I? sold a few but actually planted about 650 of them.

  • Mike Bann 7 years ago

    800? tomato plants must be enough for a medium sized army. Do you sell them?

  • balthizarlucienclan 7 years ago

    Just a thought… have you ever considered sowing clover seed under your tomatoes? clover is notorious for returning useable nitrogen to the soil and it will also help shade the ground and keep the soil moist longer. Plus, at the? end of the season you can till it all in for nutrients. just a thought that came to me while I was watching your video.

  • fordhook1 7 years ago

    you’re killin’ me, all farmers have a pocket knife to open fertilizer? sacks.

  • buckstarchaser 7 years ago

    Pretty much sums up the organic gardening movement in its current state and direction…. The organic foods you buy at the market don’t waste their money on half of? that shit though.

  • MIgardener 7 years ago

    well you have to mix the starter fertilizer in the hole? with just a little soil, you don’t want the roots to just set on a pile of the fertilizer.

  • TheNoviceGardener 7 years ago

    Hello, I am new to gardening and am planning to construct some raised beds in my backyard come spring. My question is: after i fill the raised beds with the compost/soil mixture and am ready to plant my tomato starts, if I got this right, I would dig a hole and put a cup or two of the pure starter mix? So inside that dug hole is the roots and starter mix? Thank you! BTW, from the list of the ingredients in the mix, I think this will be some great? healthy produce. 🙂

  • Anita Marskamp 7 years ago

    Thanks! I want to make my own Bokashi . Do you have a vid on that? I only can find vids in Engels/American and people dont quit explain what are the igredients me beiing in the Netherlands have to surge for other brandnames for things etc . Hope you can follow me 😉 In this vid you name the ingredients on the? sacks and that’s good!!

  • MIgardener 7 years ago

    it can all be sized down to save money. the total? cost for me was about $190. that is a very small price to pay for the vegetables it produced!

  • Anita Marskamp 7 years ago

    This all is quit expensive? isnt it?

  • ericsalamun 7 years ago

    What u do with all the tomatos throw them over to the freeway lol just? kidding. I would go take a shower all that micro organisims are a super breeding ground for ring worm tinea corpus. Next time can u cut the bags open before u start the video. And go buy some weights those bags were kicking ur ass.

  • MIgardener 7 years ago

    yes, 1 cup? would be ample.

  • Mike Kemper 7 years ago

    Can i mix this in with my whole 5 gallon container? ? If so, how much?1 cup maybe? Thanks,.

  • MIgardener 7 years ago

    I added? trace minerals by useing green sand. basicly the same thing.

  • tazno1 7 years ago

    have tried adding trace minerals? like Azomite?

  • PhantomAct 7 years ago

    2:15 if u want? to skip to the real thing…

  • TheBhannah 7 years ago

    i would add some kelp and wormcastings to? your mix

  • arisroman 7 years ago

    I would add the calcium? just as they begin to flower, to remove some nitrogen as it reacts with calcium and then add some phosphate. This mix is reacting as you speak and the heat generated will kill baterium and mycenes.