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  • MrEnergyCzar 7 years ago

    I’m no expert but using rich organic soil compost? prevents a lot of issues….

  • MrEnergyCzar 7 years ago

    Great video, thanks. I have a raised? planter organic garden on my deck. Each year I learn a little more.

  • Jackie Norbridge 7 years ago

    How about just letting? the soil go native like a forest or meadow. Never needs weeding or taking care of.

  • jasminsanty 7 years ago

    PS. I live in a? tropical country. I also grow rosemary and marigold. will these help deter pests? And lastly, Malathion is the only thing our supermarkets seems to have.

  • jasminsanty 7 years ago

    Help! I grow vegetables? at my home for home consumption. At first, I intend to make it organic. I use Chilis but doesnt work with leaf miners. I started using Malathion two weeks ago. And this week cause I saw some infestation that I am not familiar on my cabbages so I used Malathion. I don’t want to use it again, my cabbages is in bad condition right now. Could you please give me some advice.

  • oharanetworks 7 years ago

    I enjoy? watching your video’s and have subscribed to your channel 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  • Richie yap chung 7 years ago

    i saw alot? of gardening supplies and tools on a website called LANDSCAPE N GARDEN. COM

  • averagemale2000 7 years ago

    could you demonstrate your drip watering system??

  • Universalis69 7 years ago

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  • MrUrbangreen 7 years ago

    You have to see our raised garden beds …Our garden is going crazy..How do we stop the? plants from growing???? Go to my channel? …… MrUrbangreen

  • justgivemethetruth 7 years ago

    1. you did not explain what the citrus stuff was … citrus oil perhaps? what kind?
    2. that bed is way too big even for a “big guy” like you.
    3. i have heard that there is no problem with compost that you cannot burn any plants with compost? How do you amend the soil if the soil is too basic?
    4. peanuts is interesting … how do you get peanut seedlings or seeds?
    Thanks for the 10 lettuce every two? weeks tip … i am just about to do lettuce and spinach.

  • YngwiesDonutBaker 7 years ago

    If you’re eating vegetables, you might as well be eating heroin. Please Google “Kent Rieske,” the world’s preeminent expert on nutrition. Vegetables just convert over to carbohydrates which are sugar,? plus the dietary fiber scrapes? and wounds your intestines. All humans should follow a flesh-based ketogenic diet in the vein of the Eskimos.

  • JeremiahJohnson84 7 years ago

    Awesome video. Lots of? great tips! “don’t panic…ahhh it’s organic!” haha love it!

  • MrEnergyCzar 7 years ago

    Love the van…great? video, thanks…

  • altgeldrarities 7 years ago

    Great video! Thanks. Be careful that Monsanto and Syngenta don’t send out the corrupt FDA & EPA goon squads to your home. They have? been silencing chemists, farmers and geneticists with life threatening legal action, violence, defamation, and character assassination. 🙂

  • Invisible Gardener 7 years ago

    i would try and mix in local soil. if possibe add any type animal manure. you can doit without soil if you compost it for a long tie. dont forget to add the? minerals in like rock dust.

  • Str8upbrah 7 years ago

    Can I strictly use all my fruit and veggie peel waste. Or do I have to grind up dirt with it?? I’m trying to get good soil without having to buy it.

  • dayspeace 7 years ago

    excellent video and? very helpful. 🙂

  • gardenguidebook 7 years ago

    great video. :D?

  • Invisible Gardener 7 years ago

    dont think the wire will do anything to the soil other then add rust (iron).?

  • janeharrisonuk 7 years ago

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  • Nathaniel Grant 7 years ago


  • Nathaniel Grant 7 years ago


  • SidneyBou 7 years ago

    I? have done that before. We call drowning the plant out here.

  • cfenster 7 years ago

    Nice videos. My son and I each have organic garden channels. Check us out at cfenster for? mine and my sons is dpfenster09. Subscribe, rate, and comment if you like!
    I look forward to seeing more from you this season!