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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] Tammy got nipped by a Larakeet and I though she was going to lose it, but she pulled it together. This zoo was a good zoo if you like looking at caged animals. In this video I react and share my feelings about animals in zoos. The Living Desert, a zoo and botanical garden showcase desert plants and wildlife from around the world. There are 1200-acres on hiking trails and a tram lines that cross ecosystems from Africa, the Americas and the Australian Outback. It is a good price at and can be an easy day trip from the Los Angeles and San Diego Counties. The zoo is about 2 hrs of entertainment unless you like to poke. Video Rating: / 5


Desert Gardens


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  • Miss Sippy Tawker 11 months ago

    Beautiful birds. I've tamed birds for people and you gotta take some bites. It would be so much better if ya could get into a cage as the human and see all these animals in their natural habitat….. and then again, Zoo's actually save the lifes of some. It's a give and take I suppose? I'm just not sure because I'm not aware enough of the pros and cons. Always great footage.

  • Sherry Shaw 11 months ago

    Don’t go to zoo’s

  • Roadside Rick 11 months ago

    Nice long horn reminds me of the sd hawks we saw

  • Beakerzor 11 months ago

    5:22 I like those tunnels! I bet our dogs would love those!

  • Imo and Izzy Vlogs 11 months ago

    I think the most shocking behaviour I’ve seen in animals, in the way of repetitive motions showing mental breakdown have been bears, both times.

  • Imo and Izzy Vlogs 11 months ago

    Yeah – I agreed. I have mixed feelings about zoos, too.

  • Imo and Izzy Vlogs 11 months ago

    Those birds are actually rather cute.

  • Capitan Bastos 11 months ago


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