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  • Desert Plants of Avalon 1 week ago

    Hi guys 😀 Here is a complete tour of our Echinocactus Cactus Plants aka The Barrel Cacti <3

  • ROD Sculpture 1 week ago

    Can I use a San Pedro as base to graft the echinocactus?

  • Cacti Succulents on 8 mile 1 week ago

    You are my favorite cactus person!!! Thanks for being so awesome !

  • Charlaine Ricard 1 week ago

    Amazing collection you have (in general)!!! How do you keep pest away from such a big and beautiful collection?

  • Jimbosmith 1 week ago

    Is your greenhouse heated in the winter? We have just got a greenhouse and im looking at moving my cacti outdoors as im running out of window space.

  • Toby Jin 1 week ago

    1:40 it looks more like a Ferocactus glaucescens inermis

  • musicalmarion 1 week ago

    I had one once with the most ENORMOUS trumpet flower, Lynne. They are amazing and I foolishly threw it out when it got too diseased. Hey stay safe you two, you're helping so many to keep cheerful there! Thank you X

  • demonhalo67 1 week ago

    Very nice indeed, these ultra slow growers get slower as they age;- in fact I would say probably even slower the fire barrel Ferocactus pilosus, which themselves average only 2 cm or 3cm of growth a year. Very very tolerant of ultra dry conditions:- these plants are true desert dwellers. Prefectly happy with strong direct sun for over 10 hours a day, months at a time without rain, I don't know how they survive!!. I have seen a couple of these on Gran Canaria (Spain) over 1 metre across. I can't even begin to estimate their age!. Remarkable.

  • Toxicgrub 1 week ago

    If you could have only 5 plants, what 5 cacti or plants would you choose to keep? Can you make a video on that?

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