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  • Bobert Soto 7 years ago

    Thos are some nice holes. Where do you go for seeds? I go? to Kush-Central myself

  • jordan6969simpson 7 years ago

    wow i? dig my holes way wider

  • intenzity14 7 years ago

    the artist is Named Michael Dubois….. got it? at my local smoke shop… is sick

  • whyUspeakin 7 years ago

    all that work will payoff? just watchin them grow! lookin 4ward to the she-beast!

  • growing24marijuana 7 years ago

    looking? good

  • intenzity14 7 years ago

    I’m sticking with regular all the way…. If I could do more plants I would do some auto flower so you could do a staggered harvest. I’m might try some later in the year if I? have problems with a plant.

  • ktrain420247 7 years ago

    Question about auto? flower seeds. Is it worth it or stick to regular? I have a small space 3.5′ x 3.5′.

  • intenzity14 7 years ago

    thx, those autos are nice that way it really doesn’t matter? when you get them in.

  • boombaklot 7 years ago

    well done vid,gotta get some outdoor growing too, might miss the season? this time around, maybe some autos idk lol

  • KaUAiaNgRoWN89 7 years ago

    fuckin sick ass gnome poster? cuz!!!