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  • AQUAPROS 1 month ago

    Like this video? Check out other pond videos!



  • Tran To 1 month ago

    Have you considered putting some pea gravel around the stepping stones? May look a little cleaner and widen the path a bit

  • SoundLogik 1 month ago

    Play at 0.5 speed Mike sounds high af

  • antikrist 1 month ago

    i agree, you should make it a goldfish pond. i'd love to see more variations in there and i feel so bad for the barbs!

  • Lanye Wang 1 month ago

    hello friend,Are you interested in led grow light used in planting? We would like to sponsor you to free use. Please reply my by instagram if you are interested,thanks

  • chris chung 1 month ago

    What is a good clip on planted aquarium light

  • Vlček smrdí 1 month ago

    Hi i wanted to ask if 50×30×30 4mm 45l aquarium is suitable?

  • Gabriella Stahl 1 month ago

    Yes please do a goldfish pond! I need more goldfish in my life!

  • Bruke Pekour 1 month ago


  • Jemma Donnelly 1 month ago

    Definitely make it a goldfish pond! Chris needs some buddies!

  • MisguidedTotalWar 1 month ago

    Cherry barbs and goldfish?

  • Nate K 1 month ago

    Get rid of the goldfish instead! He's eating fish and plants!

  • Homer_Disk_0123 1 month ago

    Just my 2 cents >> I think Chris is the reason a lot of the aquarium plants are gone. My 5 inch goldfishes going on their 1 year birthday are notorious for ruining my java moss and Bacopa Caroliniana when growing those plants submerged. Goodluck with the pond.

  • Ronald Snijders 1 month ago

    What kind of lizzerd @ 2.33 jumping away??

  • Sarah Belmonte 1 month ago

    I’m sure it’s clear that the aquatic plants can’t grow without light… but I agree with making it goldfish only

  • Joe DeMase 1 month ago

    Ludwigia will grow like nuts in there. I can't kill it if I try and it will show nice reds at the tops.

  • Carissa LeClair 1 month ago

    All my local garden centres have been out of stock of most plants too but they said it's because they're not able to get much in right now because of the pandemic :/ I think people are also probably gardening more because of the time they've had, but I think a big problem right now is less people able to work in the greenhouse 🙁

  • irshaad Jaffer 1 month ago

    Why don't you contact aquadecor and see if they won't make a waterfall for you


    Good work on the pond, that lot looked over grown..

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