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  • Dat Boi Crimbo 1 year ago

    Why do i enjoy wstching this and seeint all the blood? I literally typed in cactus injuries with blood

  • SHANNA NORTON (SHANNA3378) 1 year ago

    is it a choia those bitches just cling to you. I avoid them at all cost.

  • Chelsie hansford 1 year ago

    we have these n Arizona . barley bumpin into them they all come together at once

  • ciderandthorazine 1 year ago

    ow!! bad dose.

  • Steven D 1 year ago

    should have just soaked your hand in water it make them so much easier to get out

  • Ldshadowlady fan Love 1 year ago

    Poor girl☹️

  • dopeydora81 1 year ago

    Ouch. So Sorry.

  • The Patriot (Arsenal of Democracy) 1 year ago

    That looks fun.

  • Heh Meh 1 year ago

    You should cut the large pieces off first idiots, caused unnecessary damage by ripping them out in chunks ._. 

  • Gizem yorgancı 1 year ago

    You could cut them then remove idiot

  • James Vance 1 year ago

    Masturbating with cacti now are we?

  • mefunny 1 year ago

    Need to tie each thorns separately with thin wire .
    Then pull all at once.

  • Samantha Simmers 1 year ago

    Speaking of painful memories I wrecked a four wheeler into a barbed wired fence so it barely nicked my left arm and so I have a gnarly scare

  • John Vacha 1 year ago

    if you get stuck by cacti as often as I do the removal is usually just me getting a rag/paper towels and posibly tweezers if the needles are in bad places or are too short to just pull out by hand and then you just get going Pulling em out one by one

  • Marquavia Carter 1 year ago

    how did this happen that look like it hurt so bad

  • Sweet Mom 1 year ago

    He sure showed you

  • Mew W (M_Dawg) 1 year ago

    Are you OK tho?

  • Mew W (M_Dawg) 1 year ago

    Are you OK tho?

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