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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote MURAL JOE WORKSHOPS: Experimenting with some textures, colors, and compositional ideas for my upcoming “How To Paint Desert Scenes Workshop”. Here Joe creates a desert scene with cactus, big open skies, and storm water racing into a dry wash. Video Rating: / 5


  • paulo pan 1 year ago


  • paulo pan 1 year ago


  • bunnygirl718 1 year ago

    Hi Joe! First I wanted to say your artwork is AMAZING! You are really good at teaching your techniques as well so thank you for your videos!

  • sissi ha 1 year ago

    Joe I want say to you that I LOVE your light thanks Silvia

  • Joy Pittura 1 year ago

    Hi Joe, happy bday..May you be blessed with a wonderful healthy, prosperous, fun, learning New things year..
    Somehow I thought these articles may interest you..
    Am I

  • Klay Thoring 1 year ago

    So love that realization, that’s the path I’m on right now – I can learn this and turn a talent into a skill

  • YoutuberGirl Saiko 1 year ago

    You look just like Damon Albarn without glasses (:

  • Jim Detry 1 year ago

    You show what I've been looking for–HOW to paint, not WHAT to paint. I took an evening class once and asked the teacher how to paint a cloud. She just gave me a picture out of a magazine and told me to copy it. Not a good experience. I look forward to watching many of your videos.

  • Ciska Beneke 1 year ago

    Hi Joe, Thank you for the amazing video! I used your clouds technique in the mural in my room, I also added a link to one of your videos in the description box for people to learn about cloud painting. I have moved down to my mountains in the background and am watching as many of your videos to prep for that and the rest of the forest. Super excited to try more of your techniques and share:) I am proud to call you my teacher.

  • Michael Madison 1 year ago

    You are truly blessed with great talent but also giving a 5-talent effort (Matt 25) in your pursuit. I love it. I learn so much from you brother and hope to work through your courses. Would you consider filming your workshops and posting where we can also pay and participate from afar? I enjoy your water tutorials, and haven't yet come close to mastering your technique but I enjoy the specificity in your explanations

  • Gina 1965 1 year ago

    I love your vids. Enjoy your voice

  • Patrick McMullen 1 year ago

    You said you prefer painting from imagination instead of photos……just shows you don't have to get a color checker and all those critical values so exact! It's a relief that you've convinced me of that.

  • ShawN shawN 1 year ago

    Very nicely executed in the painting. I look forward to more desert scenes. Thanks for sharing!

  • Christine Wolanin 1 year ago

    , I LOVE how you just threw in those clouds! Wow great work Happy Belated Birthday

  • Jungle Permissions 1 year ago


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  • Boris Mitendorfer 1 year ago

    Very cool drawing and also inspirational saying about the drawing, finding your soul and way to express your self with evolving art is simply wonderful! I lack time for my arts, mainly pencil drawings, and found inspiration on your YouTube channel. Thank you for that and happy birthday!

  • BaronVonTacocat 1 year ago

    Keep on rockin, Joe!

  • Chaîne YouTube Atelier63 SILENCEELLECREE 1 year ago

    Excellent Mr. Muraljoe! I heard the name of my channel ! Also, I note that it was not for you the crossing of the desert .. Thank you very much for your kindness .. and still a marvelous work with this new exceptional painting ! Bravo I would like to paint as well with realism .. I like to watch your videos .. Congratulations for your work ! You are for me a very good teacher .. a hello friendly France Sylvie @

  • Jovani francisco Ascanio guzman 1 year ago

    i like of veracruz mexico

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