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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] Join me in the studio for a relaxing painting demonstration. Today I am painting a Southwest desert landscape. I share the supplies and beginning steps and then I paint to music. This is how I paint when I am not doing instructive demos. I hope you enjoy this change of pace and be sure to check out my many other demos with commentary! SUPPLY LIST 1. Uart Pastel paper 2. Terry Ludwig soft pastels 3. Nupastels hard pastels 4.Blair Very Low Odor Workable Fixative Spray Subscribe to my channel and Patreon Page for more pastel and painting video demos and tips! ▽ Visit my channel 👇: ▽ My Patreon Page 👇 ➞ ▽ My Instagram Link 👇 ➞ ▽ My Daily Painting Blog 👇 ➞ Music Credit: Fluidscape by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: Video Rating: / 5 #desertpainting #paintingforbeginners #landscapepainting Desert Landscape with Camel Painting | Easy Acrylic Painting for Beginners Acrylic colors used: Lemon Yellow Orange White Ultramarine Blue Burnt Sienna Black #camelpainting #howto Thanks for watching Please do subscribe. Video Rating: / 5


  • Julia Brogli 1 month ago

    I enjoyed this but I wished it had been a tutorial–I live in Utah and would like to do desert landscapes. I am just barely beginning with pastels and really need help with basic use of color. I followed as well as I could although it would have been easier had I been able to identify the color you were using better. Overall, I think I did pretty well although my buttes look a little like teeth–I'll keep practicing. Thanks for a fun video.

  • Leigh-Ann H 1 month ago

    Thanks to you and your husband for another inspiring demo. During this time of self isolation when it’s easy to feel a little anxious, your videos are both grounding and encouraging . I enjoyed watching you while listening to the gentle musical and found the experience quite meditative. I hope you both stay safe.
    Ps- your husband is getting great at zooming in on the details when necessary.

  • Tobin Lizzie 1 month ago

    Love your videos. Do you fix the finished works? If not how do you protect them?

  • Ursula Schneider 1 month ago

    I really enjoyed watching this. What a lovely finish! I live in the Southwest, near Tucson, and I've found very few videos that speak to painting this area. I realize that I must develop my own style but it helps to see how others approach the openess of our landscapes. I've also been interested to see TL sets designed for the area in use. By chance, have you used TL's Arid Landscape set? Do you have any videos using it?

  • Sandy Attree nee Reynolds 1 month ago

    Quite lovely! Watching you paint and listening to the tranquil music has given me the first peace today. Perhaps I will sleep tonight. x

  • Sandy Attree nee Reynolds 1 month ago

    Video is not finished yet but just had to say how much I love the music, is it Native American? Do you have a title? Painting coming along nicely! 🙂

  • Scott Derrick 1 month ago

    Beautiful work! Thanks for the demo.

  • Jennifer Davis 1 month ago

    The only thing that can get me to relax in this crazy world right now is to watch you paint. Thank you.

  • Arleen Szeliga 1 month ago

    Just loved watching you put this together. You are not afraid of color. I am a little intimidated by mixing all kinds of colors that you make it look so easy. Beautiful. Thank you.

  • Iris Pimentel 1 month ago

    Karen, that was absolutely wonderful! Thank you for everything you do for us.

  • Jan Schott 1 month ago

    Wow, Great painting, so rich and vibrant! Love your work.

  • Patti Dowden 1 month ago

    Since I have been following your generous tips and studio time, I have painted so much more and now exploring the Uart sanded paper. What a huge difference in application and layering. Thank you for sharing your talents with us especially during these difficult days. You are an angel.

  • Patti Dowden 1 month ago

    What grit or grade of Uart pastel paper do you prefer? 240? 600? Other?

  • Cindy Doner 1 month ago

    I love your work!

  • Mary Manahan 1 month ago


  • Josephine Herrera 1 month ago

    Lovely, Karen. Thank you! And thanks for all the help you’ve freely provided me so far. Very gracious of you. Much appreciated. Stay healthy.

  • George French 1 month ago

    Good format. Thanks.

  • Creative Gigi 1 month ago

    Fabulous ❤ thank you for sharing

  • hello friends 1 month ago

    It's nice but I have a doubt why do u put black dots in the sand? And what the hell is the moon is very very very big?

  • Acrylic Painting Tutorial : Art Taiga 1 month ago

    Lovely desert landscapes with camel…

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