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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Stanford Cactus Garden tour with the guitar music of Alexander Price. – In the late 1800’s, Arizona, or Cactus, gardens were popular. Landscape architect Robert Ulrich designed a cactus garden for Jane and Leland Stanford beside a proposed home that was never built after their only son, Leland, Jr., died from typhoid fever in 1884. They proposed a university for men and women to memorialize their only son so he would never be forgotten, which became Leland Stanford Junior University, it’s official name. Here is a look at the cactus garden on May 22, 2016. Please share! Your donation of any amount makes ‘Late Bloomer’ possible and available for anyone.” Thanks for all your support!” – Kaye Subscribe at and download a FREE ebook “10 Steps to a Great First Garden.” Join me on your favorite social media sites: Facebook: Instagram: @latebloomershow Twitter: @latebloomershow Pinterest: Website: Google+: Video Rating: / 5


  • Patrick Meehan 1 year ago

    Fantastic cactus and succulents with stunning colours (colors) of cactus flowers Kaye. Those Cactus must have had a creative influence on the students and in silicon valley.
    A wonderful video and music Kaye and Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  • Sharon Carson 1 year ago

    beautiful Kaye. I love the history of the garden too and the classical music

  • hope crews 1 year ago

    So beautiful.

  • Desert Plants of Avalon 1 year ago

    Such an AMAZING cactus garden 🙂 XXXXXX <3

  • Hikima workshop 1 year ago

    Nice cactus park, also music selection wonderful. I always watched.

  • Sheri Fischer 1 year ago

    A bittersweet story for the development of the university….
    The cacti display such raw beauty. …a little mini vacation. Lovely.

  • Chris Towerton 1 year ago

    I like your intro titles (and their associated audio bites ;-)very tasteful; Cactus on the other had do nothing for me… their flowers and fruit are like cheese in a mouse trap… don't stare at them too long, they'll get ya! … Alright… perhaps I can see some beauty @ 7:13, but most likely it's because you managed to frame out the prickles lol!

    @ 9:37 you kind of question if perhaps they didn't get enough water and fell over then got water again and grew back up… did you get an offical answer to this? I couldn't quite make out the response… Chris xox

  • yvonne squadrilli 1 year ago

    Thank you so much KAYE

  • OldAlabamaGardener 1 year ago

    Beautiful, different, but beautiful!

  • dakotabob10 1 year ago

    Not too many places to sit down around there. It was cool to see that though.

  • Tom Jones 1 year ago

    Very nice!

  • jeanne orr 1 year ago

    oh I just loved the cacti wow

  • MrMac5150 1 year ago

    I wish you would do a video on producing natural bird food plants.

  • MrMac5150 1 year ago

    Hello Kaye.

  • Kaye Kittrell | Late Bloomer Urban Organic Garden Show 1 year ago

    Guitar Solos by Alexander Price: "Recuerdos de la Alhambra" "Gavottes 1 & 2 from Bach Cello Suite No. 6" "Amazing Grace"

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