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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote I’ve decided to grow my own patio vegetable and fruit garden. My patio is not very large but with the right amount of planning I should be able to get a rather nice harvest. This video will be the first in a series of videos that will follow my progress as well as the progress of my plants. In theory, I should have some food in about 30,40, 50 days from now 😉 Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • briandudeathome 7 years ago

    Glad you liked the video. Just be aware? that the plastic bins don’t hold up well under the sun. They will eventually dry out and crack.

  • babylove1985of4 7 years ago

    I am so glad I found your video! My little patio is almost EXACTLY the same size? as yours and I have been trying to find ideas to best maximize the space I have. I will definitely be making a run to Walmart for plastic storage tubs. Love your irrigation system as well

  • luvinlifeat40 7 years ago

    Great idea to use? a large tub as a container for gardening. I didnt even think about that :0)

  • briandudeathome 7 years ago

    Thanks? =-)

  • kfyecats 7 years ago

    Awesome idea with the PCV pipe for watering the plants.?

  • LS Nelson 7 years ago

    It’s easy to do, as I said I did it too! It says “Garden Soil” and “for vegetables.” What else are you supposed to think? ?
    Who reads instructions? I like your planters a lot!

  • briandudeathome 7 years ago

    haha yeah I? figured that out some time later =-)

  • LS Nelson 7 years ago

    That “garden soil” is for in-ground use, as it says on the bags. It specifically says on? the bag NOT to use it in containers! I know, because I made the mistake of buying it for pots, and then read the bag warning. It is for digging into existing soil, to amend it for growing.

  • OwenL2020 7 years ago

    MiracleGro organic? soil?? First mistake my friend. Monsanto doesn’t do “organic” anything.

  • briandudeathome 7 years ago

    glad you? liked it. good luck!

  • bournepriest 7 years ago

    Just what I needed, thanks for this video. ? Time to work on my organic balcony project.

  • medsurgcutie 7 years ago

    Thank you for sharing. You don’t think bpa would leak out the plastic and do something weird to the soil do you??

  • briandudeathome 7 years ago

    thanks so? much. good luck =)

  • LaoSoftware 7 years ago

    Wow. Your idea is awesome. I will definitely do it your way. It looks very simple, and sophisicated.? I like it.

  • briandudeathome 7 years ago

    thanks for letting me know – best of luck with your? garden!

  • B Duffy 7 years ago

    like the? watering system, i will use that in my containers here in the uk

  • briandudeathome 7 years ago

    thanks, glad you liked it. I’m not sure if I read something somewhere or what, but the idea? just came to me one day =-)

  • Bradly Trantham 7 years ago

    everyone should check out my tomato? plants on my channel. It’s my first time growing tomatoes and I could use some tips. Thanks!

  • DANIEL ROGER 7 years ago

    love the? watering system..ingenious..where and how did you come with that method..this should give you some privacy as well..good luck..

  • briandudeathome 7 years ago

    Hi there! I”m glad you liked? this video, and were able to get some ideas from it. As for the apartment, I don’t live in Everett, but thats too funny that our place is so identical haha

  • Cyberia3716 7 years ago

    LOL …I think you guys live in my apt . complex …your porch is? completely identical to mine .The size, paint on wall ,around the sliding glass door and your outside storage is identical as well…Dont live in Everett do you? …..I am going to use your idea…I was wondering what I could use for a large potting container…brillant!

  • briandudeathome 7 years ago

    thanks – good luck!?

  • gardennana3453 7 years ago

    Look forward to? seeing how your patio garden grows. Thanks for posting!

  • briandudeathome 7 years ago

    thanks! good luck with? the garden =-)

  • MissBestSunshine 7 years ago

    A great idea thx? for posting! This will be newest project!