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People Were Laughing At HIm Planting Trees In The Desert, But What Happened Next Will Shock You
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Whether you’re talking to a logger or an environmental activist, deforestation is a word that makes people uncomfortable and with good reason. Trees are an important part of many of our planet’s ecosystems, not just for the animals who call them home, but for the quality and stability of our soils. Plus, there’s the fact that trees are some of the largest oxygen producing plants on the planet. In fact, 28% of our global oxygen comes from trees. Thanks to some forward-thinking scientists and governments, we have places like national parks and wildlife sanctuaries set aside specifically to keep us from gobbling up all the planet’s resources. The stories of those places and the conservationists who guard them are long with rich histories of dedication and hard work, but you don’t have to be a park ranger or politician to care about the environment. Today we bring you the stories of a few, amazing average Joes who’ve committed their lives to revitalize habitats that were once destroyed.

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People Were Laughing At Him Planting Trees In The Desert, And This Is What Happened Next…

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