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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] People Were Laughing At HIm Planting Trees In The Desert, But What Happened Next Will Shock You ► Subscribe: For copyright matters please contact us at: Whether you’re talking to a logger or an environmental activist, deforestation is a word that makes people uncomfortable and with good reason. Trees are an important part of many of our planet’s ecosystems, not just for the animals who call them home, but for the quality and stability of our soils. Plus, there’s the fact that trees are some of the largest oxygen producing plants on the planet. In fact, 28% of our global oxygen comes from trees. Thanks to some forward-thinking scientists and governments, we have places like national parks and wildlife sanctuaries set aside specifically to keep us from gobbling up all the planet’s resources. The stories of those places and the conservationists who guard them are long with rich histories of dedication and hard work, but you don’t have to be a park ranger or politician to care about the environment. Today we bring you the stories of a few, amazing average Joes who’ve committed their lives to revitalize habitats that were once destroyed. #inspiring #idea #ideas #eco Video Rating: / 5


  • Lynn Proctor 1 year ago

    We are an example to people who observe us. We teach others what is acceptable when we demonstrate it. Many take their lessons from what they see others do. Therefore, besides the act itself adding a great amount of trees to an encroaching desert, they inspire others to do something worthwhile. It may not be trees, it could be something else. The ripples of good can go further than you can imagine.

  • David Parks 1 year ago

    Thank God for CO2 or none of those plants would have survived.

  • joselito jesalva 1 year ago

    That is how the love for natures DO..

    They can make a new ISLAND for animals

  • Don Turnblade 1 year ago

    India had a million trees planted in a day.

  • Bengal Tiger 1 year ago

    There’s a photographer from Brazil that replanted a forest that was devastated over the years by humans. I can’t recall his name.

  • Travise Palmer 1 year ago

    The last couple touched my heart i was like that when I was a teenager and wanted to continue but reality of life and living struck so that dream seems lost i keep holding on threw agriculture though

  • steve154life 1 year ago

    Ï haft tha most trees on our property. A strong storm blew over our neighbors Tree and wie only had one small branch break one Tree waz even in flower only lost one blossom.

  • steve154life 1 year ago

    Ï am verry grateful to those people who love trees enough to make a difference

  • Allamuylejos 1 year ago

    Marvellous, wonderful people!!! They deserve the whole world's gratitude!!!

  • regie delos reyes 1 year ago

    A big respect for them…they planting trees that no one could do…..

  • Scott Stlaey 1 year ago

    That's awesome

  • Lindsay Moore 1 year ago

    All beautiful beautiful people.. especially the inner Mongolian couple just made me think wow. That sort of love and dedication is inspiring.

  • NAUSHAD KHAN 1 year ago


  • the600cc 1 year ago

    Life is a Gamble!

  • 777 burro 1 year ago

    Reforestation of Earth can solve global warming. Simple huh!

  • Tony Hind 1 year ago

    Individuals can make a difference. We should all go plant some trees.

  • Tony Hind 1 year ago

    I want to do some tree planting.

  • Jo_j Yarde 1 year ago

    I hope that the people who disliked this video did that because they are unable to understand the narrator's language!

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