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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Learn more with my free 4-part Permaculture Masterclass series, here: Some months ago, Geoff took us on a tour of a neighbour’s garden (, and now the Green the Desert crew has returned to check the project. Even better, they are being guided by the property’s owner and permaculture designer. Meet Abla, the former school teacher who bought a small piece of property in the desert. After nine months on the property, she met her neighbours Geoff and Nadia, and she took the permaculture course at the Greening the Desert site. She began transitioning her own property, which had been mostly rocks and barren soil, into a green desert site as well. Having left the city unhealthy, she has felt renewed with a permaculture lifestyle, caring for plants and keeping herself busy. She is producing her own food and no longer has to go to the city for supplies. She’s collecting eggs from chickens. She’s making compost. She’s got a worm farm and uses the juice, as well as gets rid of diseased plants and collects castings. She’s got sugarcane, dates and vegetables. She’s planting nitrogen-fixers in compost to build up the soil. She’s got olives, mangoes, spinach, tomato, and potato. She’s got several moringa trees, figs, and flowers. Herbs, mint, and cabbage are growing at ground level. Jasmine and other vines are growing up to provide shade in the future. She has bees and the promise of honey. She’s been working for one year and four months and has transformed the property. To protect her soil from washing away, Alba has piled the rocks from her site into a “gabion” along a side that takes water during rains. Creeping plants covering slopes to prevent erosion within the gardens. She’s catching […]


  • bulleuston76 9 months ago

    Her English is incredible!

  • Leonie Orton 9 months ago

    Well done Alba! Loved this video. So inspiring.

  • Steve Andrews 9 months ago

    What an absolutely incredible garden with an amazing collection of plants and trees!

  • Paul McIver 9 months ago

    hello Abla, what a wonderful garden you have established

  • Anshika Rao 9 months ago

    she is very..very inspiring…

  • Lucas Petry 9 months ago

    Very inspiring Palestinian woman in her desert permaculture garden!! 😀

  • Derya Vudali 9 months ago

    Can someone please tell Abla that the tree in 07:40 isn't Moringa but extremely poisonous Datura Stramonium!!!

  • Christina Barry 9 months ago

    Abla, you are a remarkable woman. I am inspired by your hard work and knowledge. Best of luck in your continuing efforts.

  • Caroline Smyth 9 months ago

    Inspiring! ❤

  • Mark Lacey 9 months ago

    Careful Mr. Lawton, you got some competition here 🙂 What an amazing lady.

  • What of Kind Amazing video,,,I like the words how she speaks …amazing and machalah .. very smart and simple . Never see it before. thanks

  • *Beansie* 9 months ago

    LOVE this woman! Such an inspiration of what's possible on an everyday person's level. Huzzah madame!

  • Love_1_another77 9 months ago

    Lovely woman. God bless her

  • Cuong Truong 9 months ago

    Love seeing the progress made by all those who attended the course and put it into action. Wouldn't it be great if that entire area including the hill she pointed out is saved and made green again?

  • Grant Mussett 9 months ago

    love & light to you

  • permaculture maroc 9 months ago

    الله يوفقك حديقة جميلة شكرا لي جوف

  • Yukon Jack 9 months ago

    Abla, you're growing a beautiful garden! Great work!

  • Abid Ali 9 months ago


  • sally pascoe 9 months ago


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