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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote In Bill Mollisons permaculture DVD course sold at Bill talks about his dream to create an abundant desert garden using plants from the deserts of the world. I want to build this garden in honor of Bill, but need help locating a source of seeds, or starts as well as the names of the desert berry plants. For the purpose of educating people to building an abundant desert food system I have clipped out parts from “Dry Land Strategies” and placed them more or less in order. If you have heard bill speak you know he can get off topic very often. This video represents the gathering of a single idea into a single video made of rapid succession clips. The original video on dry land was almost 3 hours long and while this short video appears like a single video it is in-fact the compilation of clips over the entire video relating to a single subject for educating people on desert garden and I believe, therefor, meets the requirements for Fair Use. Video Rating: / 5

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