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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Michael Criswell went homeless so he could acquire his permaculture paradise. He tells us about the process of finding the right property and turning a food desert into a food forest! Follow Reformation Garden on Facebook and reformation_garden on Instagram. Video Rating: / 5


  • Melyssa Berkes 4 years ago

    Love how he starting from hardly anything. This is amazing

  • faithinChristJesus12 4 years ago

    I love the name "reformation". Without the Reformation Oct 31 1517- there might not have been America as we know it. In 1620 Pilgrims came from British Isles because they were influenced by the Reformation.

  • Linda Smith 4 years ago

    Lol – I thought we came up with the idea of trampoline into poultry pen! A wild duck hatched 10 ducklings in my flower bed & abandoned them. We were preparing to move so didn't want to invest in a pen. A $10 roll of chicken wire & we had a portable duck pen. Good luck to you; your place is beautiful.

  • Bogusmuhammed Falseprophet 4 years ago

    very good job . hope to get into permaculture soon

  • Allison Felts 4 years ago

    We are in Jacksonville, too! I would be interested in talking to you more about your garden and possibly trading plants and info. Thanks for showing us around!

  • hes really doing it

  • Innocent Mjema 4 years ago

    What about rabbits?

  • Innocent Mjema 4 years ago

    great work man! Please keep updating .

  • Henry Taylor- Dening 4 years ago

    Looks awesome man. god bless

  • Claude Paradis 4 years ago

    Dear Michael, you will never regret our decision. Life brings us where we are supposed to be. 2 years ago I never had a vegetable garden then – by chance, ended up in India with the responsibility of growing food for 35 children, 40 adults and 70 large animals. Luckily I had been reading a lot about permaculture on the net but I was still far away from the required knowledge – took a permaculture course and in no time was growing more food that I ever thought possible. Passion with thirst to learn creates abundance. A year from now you will be a teacher to so many. I have used 18 day compost mixed with dirt to create raised beds and created shade by growing grape, passion fruit, malabar spinach, bougainvillea, etc. Now we are growing 12 month of the year. Keep on gardening and watch out – you might burst from happiness. Cheers.

  • Daniel Allouche 4 years ago

    why are you not allowed to sell your produce?

  • Skylark Amaris 4 years ago

    You seem to be humble in what you say and do. It's like your drawing on a blank canvas all life's beauty. I hope you don't get all puffed up as soon as you reached your goal, like so many I've seen. HELPING PEOPLE AND THE LAND speaks louder than words. From: California

  • Nil Dincler 4 years ago

    This is exactly what I dream of doing. Congradulations, really ^_^

  • Cathleen Baldwin Maggi 4 years ago

    I also seeded too soon this time and was surprised when those seeds did come up months later when the season was right for them. I kept the mulch on them and kept watering (I use pots so watering is necessary)

  • feltingme 4 years ago

    I just love your chicken tractor idea. They get the shade too. :)

  • fishrider62 4 years ago

    That's great Michael, I subbed so I can see how the whole project progresses. Keep up the hard work and sharing as you go. I'm also interested in permaculture ideas and started some gardening this summer too. Maybe I missed it in the video, do you live on site? How do the neighbors feel about your set up? They have more permanent housing, are they bothered by the trailers? I'm in CFL so just down the I-95 from you, so, I'm pulling for your success!

  • youngonce 4 years ago

    Praise God for the interest free loan. What a great blessing, enabling you to start on this new journey.

  • Elvin Torres 4 years ago

    Amazing man! I would like to help. I'm new to Permaculture, so I'm looking for opportunities to learn and serve

  • maria wesley 4 years ago

    thanks for the info!

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