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  • Ali 999 1 year ago

    It's no called Arab invasion you ignorant person it's called the Islamic conquest

  • vesper vesper 1 year ago

    everything was splendid before the invasion of Islam!

  • LOWE sonia 1 year ago

    Monty Don Never a deception looking forward to his new series .( IT 1969.) of course all religions are man made . A first formula to get people to toe the line . Beauty of Nature has nothing to do with religion TREES ARE A NATURAL SPLENDOUR THAT BRING THEIR "BIENFAITES" To Mankind that don't deserve it. They only destroy all they touch . Excepting a few.

  • HitMeQuick 1 year ago

    Who's he trying to kid. He's not in Persia. It doesn't exist anymore. He's in Iran the absolute nutter. You're not going to be able to water your geraniums there Montgomery. Return to Blighty immediately. It's unsafe.

  • itsasin1969 1 year ago

    The one takeaway from this video? It is that all religions are man made.

  • Sidi Rguibi 1 year ago


  • Bored PandaTV 1 year ago

    bull shit

  • Zero Sternritter 1 year ago

    Deus Vult anyone Remember ?

  • 果汁貓 1 year ago


  • blood honey 1 year ago

    Monty Don is STILL hot!

  • Thefirstever_ Astracorn 1 year ago


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