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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Kaye shares four beautiful Phoenix gardens on the Arcadia Edible Garden Tour of 2017, including Sweet Life Garden, Gordon & Kay’s Jardin de Lagniappe, Jon & Carrie’s Historic Home & Garden and Troy & Rebecca’s Farmyard. With help from Jacq Davis. Please Like, and Subscribe! BECOME A PATRON! Order Botanical Interests seeds at her affiliate link: Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound. Sound editor, Christina Horgan. Subscribe at and download a FREE ebook “10 Steps to a Great First Garden.” “Late Bloomer” follows Kaye’s journey to grow food in her Los Angeles front yard and exists to inspire anyone to grow their own food. Kaye’s Vlog covers tourism, travel, adventure, people, gardens. Kaye shares her interests! Please share with friends and help this channel grow. Comments welcome. Thanks for all your support! – Kaye Join me on your favorite social media sites: @latebloomershow Website: Video Rating: / 5


  • Angela Burnett-Mero 6 months ago

    What a great video!! Those shots are spectacular and what a fun festival. I would love for Ashland's Tour of Gardens to continue to grow.
    Love the channel, love the contued quality, the great information, and the wonderful stories of people that you continue to share. What great adventures you have; thanks for taking us all along with you.
    Continue making this world a better place, your enthusiasm and love of gardening are infectious.

  • Maricela Hinojosa 6 months ago

    What a nice adventure! I love those aprons too. I might have to take a trip to Phoenix. Thanks Kaye!

  • Patrick Meehan 6 months ago

    What a wonderful Edible Garden Tour. I admire all the pleasant, enterprising people and their fantastic organic produce. Another great informative video, Kaye. With kind regards Patrick xx

  • leese 44 6 months ago

    Awesome place:'l loved the video…

  • Pam Gibson 6 months ago

    Lovely tour!  Phoenix gardening I would have never guess it very interesting.  Thank you…

  • melissa hylton 6 months ago

    That is so awesome!!! Love seeing gardeners coming together like this!!!! Great video ❤️

  • Charu's little desert garden! 6 months ago

    Wow beautiful gardens…I had a lot of fun watching and my son enjoyed the violin! Thanks for sharing.

  • larryswindcatcher 6 months ago

    Fun garden tour surrounded by desert in Phoenix, Arizona of all places. Where do they get all the water needed? Thanks for taking us along, Kaye.

  • Sharon Giles 6 months ago

    I loved this video. I love seeing how other gardens grow and all the vendors. Thank you

  • Janice Seigler 6 months ago

    Wonderful video!

  • Love all your videos and this one is exceptional!

  • Chris Towerton 6 months ago

    Wow, lots of pretty spaces… Be nice if some day you find yourself there to catch the flood and drain cycle :-)… I'm surprised the wandering pig doesn't destroy those beatifically manicured grounds… our friend has a generic breed of pig as a pet and its work could easily be mistaken for that of a D9!

  • Micki A 6 months ago

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  • ThymeToSow 6 months ago

    Never disappointed with your videos, Kaye. This was awesome!

  • Cragfire Gardening 6 months ago

    Pretty awesome, loved it.. Question though, what were those spheres at 11:40? If explained I think I missed it.

  • Gilly Jaynes 6 months ago

    What a lovely event.

  • Nia Lin 6 months ago

    What a neat event! I love watching community garden tours. It’s such a wonderful way to bring folks together & support your neighbors, your neighborhoods. Wish we could do this in my town! Thanks for sharing this awesome event w/us!

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