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  • John Rambo 4 years ago

    Yeah may.

  • FullStarSky 4 years ago

    Instead of using the fabric cloth to shade your garden, I think you should plant gourds. They are vine plants and help shade the other plants well and you can also harvest them.

  • Ray Cham Ar 4 years ago

    Will do something similar and found your video helpful and informative bobby. Thanks. ?

  • Thagirion9 4 years ago

    That's a great tomato house you built. How nice. I'd love to have something like that in my yard.

  • bobby brown 4 years ago

    i gave gizmo away to a pet loving family

  • bobby brown 4 years ago

    when i first plant them i water ounce every

  • bobby brown 4 years ago

    i start

  • goltoof 4 years ago

    I personally would give Gizmo a more comfortable ground to live on than those jagged rocks..

    Great setup. I will be trying the burlap cage setup myself. Although I'll be using fish rather than rabbits.

    Greetings from Phoenix.?

  • 6spdkeg 4 years ago

    What's your wattering schedule like?

  • Mark Furrer 4 years ago

    in switzerland we put blue tarp to increase your production

  • bobby brown 4 years ago

    tums? of course calcium…. Love the idea!?

  • DesertDigger1 4 years ago

    Give em a shot of milk or a Tums once every 3 weeks at the roots,They'll get just plumb dumb and put out towards the end o the season,Farmers Market worthy.As I'm sure you know,maters love calcium.?

  • bobby brown 4 years ago

    i start my seeds in december but next year i will start november?

  • bobby brown 4 years ago
  • bobby brown 4 years ago

    1 tablespoon of epsom salt per gallon of water make sure the plants are watered first then add epsom salt in a gallon of water.. this year i actually grew over 60 pounds of tomatoes crazy yeild considering i still have another 30 pounds or more left…its 110 outside and still they are still growing

  • yfzDirtDestroyer 4 years ago

    When do you start your seeds?

  • kittensugars 4 years ago

    Kudos to you!!

  • skyym3 4 years ago

    At 2:30 when you are describing the Cherokee purple tomatoes, there is something on that one big tomato. I don't think it is, but it really looks like a horned worm or something.

  • MeditativeHobby 4 years ago

    I got some really great ideas from this thanks for sharing…looking forward to more updates, will you be growing more varieties this year? I hear using aspirin in your foliar spray triggers a hormone, that triggers an immune response that strengthens your tomato leaves and protects against sun scold. Happy growing keep us posted?

  • bobby brown 4 years ago

    hey George s just to answer your Question i prune them very often and don't allow them to take over also i notice that if you buy your plants from nurseries that are already grown from seed there they are fat pale like green leaves.. when you grow them yourself they are a dark green leaf and not so thick but very healthy, and one more thing i also spray them with epsom salt mixed with water .?