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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote One little part of the desert park of phoenix. 12 themed gardens, designed to inspire and educate. Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Alisa Karter 5 years ago

    Now thats so real and worth watching real entertainment

  • arinnager 5 years ago

    wow, very nice flowers

  • Heather Kant 5 years ago

    I loved your video and photography of the Toronto Botanical Garden, it
    looks beautiful and I cannot wait to visit!! I recently went to the
    Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona and thought I’d share my photos with
    you. I did a video response as well as this comment. I hope you Enjoy my
    photos as much as I enjoyed yours!

  • shakyamuni pistatore 5 years ago

    So much green getting twisted like Botanical Garden

  • soj22 5 years ago

    @romka4567 that’s exactly what i was just thinking man loool so doing it

  • Roman Krivenko 5 years ago

    i’m going to take shrooms in botanical gardens :] and become one with a

  • Lorena Floyhar 5 years ago

    I lived all my life in Toronto and I have never ever been there.Gorgeous
    flowers.I’m finally going to go on July 22.Can’t wait.Going to take a lot
    of pictures.My mother says the one in Montreal 100 times better.I don’t
    know I’m going to see for myself.

  • bj616 5 years ago

    Nice gardens!!!

  • rickyspectacular 5 years ago

    I loved everything, except where the kids yelled “beans”. That was scary.
    Children ought to behave.