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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Phoenix, Daft Punk, ” If I Ever Feel Better”, Madison Square Garden, NYC 10/20/10 I sure did FEEL BETTER, Harder… Better….Faster… Stronger : ) Great Show!!! Video Rating: / 5


  • miauyoda 4 years ago

    it still blows my mind

  • nikkinoo99 4 years ago

    This is AMAZING!!! I seriously got the chills when they came out & started playing together 🙂 AWESOME!!!!!!! I love how he looks right into your camera at the end too!!

  • David Sanchez 4 years ago

    Blows my damn mind every time I watch it!

  • Klorg Lork 4 years ago

    Blew the roof off that bitch!

  • Steeven Laing 4 years ago

    this is perfect.

  • Lucci Andrea 4 years ago


  • Giselle Villeta Pellerano 4 years ago

    fucking goosebumps.

  • tnkrulz 4 years ago


  • LeDrake James 4 years ago

    Chromeo sent me to this majesty

  • Lily B. 4 years ago

    Was Daft Punk a surprise?

  • 1sikr6beast 4 years ago

    It was R Kelly sorry..

  • Mohammad Attirmidzie 4 years ago


  • Richard Mejías 4 years ago

    From Venezuela I SAY THAT CONCERT WAS EPIC! I have to see Daft Punk some day!!

  • Elia23runner 4 years ago

    Un'entrata in scena epica

  • dawni30 4 years ago


  • car dan 4 years ago

    The chills I get from this video is crazy. It's like someone just placed me in the middle of Antarctica naked.

  • Keith Moon 4 years ago

    Versailles POWER !!!!

  • Ooga Booga 4 years ago

    got goosebumps

  • 1989mts 4 years ago

    my god, two of my favourite bands i would loose my shit

  • ElSerge Cruz Jr 4 years ago


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