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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote An initial project with the Sony DSC-RX100M3. The new video features this upgrade provides are very impressive. Though it requires newer SDXC memory cards, the XAVC codec is the standout feature. Edits much better than AVCHD in FCPX and provides big image improvement over the RX100M2. Possibly the RX10 as well. The LCD is much less fiddly and useful than the RX100M2. No more squeak and scrape when opening from bottom. The EVF is very useable for a compact. Better than hoped for. Easy to forget to pull the eyepiece out, but more use will make a habit. The ND may eliminate need for a polarizer for exteriors. Most of this project was shot with ND on. Zebras obviously minimize incorrect exposure issues. My RX100M2 had constant, slight focus pump issues with wide, distant landscape shots. If manual focus wasn’t used for these shots, clips would be unusable. The RX100M3 has no such issue. Big, big thanks Sony. RX100M2 Active SteadyShot seemed no better than Standard. RX100M3 Active SteadyShot is much improved, and Intelligent Active is a step above Active. However, Active requires image crop, and Intelligent Active even more. Video Clear Image Zoom, like the RX10, is very usable. It may get too soft around 115mm though. So, where the RX100M2 CIZ was unusable and limited video to 100mm optical zoom, the RX100M3 offers 115-120mm of usable zoom. Overall the camera seems more responsive. Sony DSC-RX100M3 Sirui T005KX Tripod P&C Grip for handhelds XAVC 60P/50Mbps Video Rating: / 5

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