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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Experience it through 360 mode or use VR glass. 使用全景模式或者在VR眼鏡上觀看。 This video is about Phoenix desert botanical garden. This garden includes more than 300 species which are rare, threatened or endangered. And it’s mission is to advance excellence in education, research, exhibition and conservation of desert plants of the world with emphasis on the Sonoran Desert. In this video, you can get some information about this specific environment. Hope you can enjoy it. 🙂 After watching the video, you can also finish a scoring questionnaire. 🔽 And also You can refer to this database when you have doubts. 🔽 If you like our videos, please share, subscribe and like. Thank you! 這段視頻是關於鳳凰沙漠植物園的。這個花園包括300多種稀有、瀕危或瀕危物種。它的使命是促進世界沙漠植物的教育、研究、展覽和保護,重點是索諾蘭沙漠。 看完後,你也可以做一份關於這段影片的計分問卷。 🔽 此外,當你遇到疑惑的時候可以參考這份資料。 🔽 如果喜歡我們的影片,可以分享,訂閱和喜愛,謝謝! Video Rating: / 5

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