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  • Michelle Hoover 5 years ago

    Just wanted to put out a little review for this company because they
    deserve it.
    Cam Control does an awesome job always hiring and sending out amazing
    employees to get the job done. I really appreciate all the work they do for
    my business. The stress of a business can be lifted with the help of others
    doing maintenance work for you.?

  • Kenny Wald 5 years ago

    I’d use them again.?

  • Jason Daniels 5 years ago

    Thumbs up!?

  • Madison Kemeco 5 years ago

    #1 spot. Great company. Landscape looks perfect!?

  • Jane Smith 5 years ago

    I can’t believe I got such a good deal here. I had them do my entire
    landscaping at such an affordable price. THANKS!!?

  • Samantha Kenwald 5 years ago

    I’ve used them a couple times now and I think they do a great job. I’d
    recommend trying them out! The best part about hiring cam control is that
    they are ONE company that includes ALL services.?

  • Emily Saks 5 years ago

    Great service but excellent staff. Every time I need to set up an
    appointment or speak with someone the employees are always friendly,
    professional, and get what I need done. They are great to work with !?

  • Hannah Stewart 5 years ago

    Give it 5 stars… THUMBS UP, which is rare coming from me. I’m a harsh
    grader :)?

  • Kerli Wilson 5 years ago

    Professional workers. Our property looks amazing, all thanks to CAM control

  • Jenny Stone 5 years ago

    Cam control allows you to make one call to one company that will provide
    you with all your landscaping needs. NOT like other companies who have 5
    separate businesses come to do one job. They are great!!!

  • Kathleen Kelly 5 years ago

    Recommended for its all included services that makes it easier for property

  • Jillian Stover 5 years ago

    Best in the Business!

  • Kathy Leslie 5 years ago

    Will never use any other company because Cam control has it all. Thanks Cam
    control for your great services.

  • Jenna Doh 5 years ago

    A friend recommended this company to me and they were awesome. This company
    has the whole package: Sprinkler repair, tree trimming, grounds
    maintenance, power washing, and more. The company serves commercial
    property throughout Arizona and I must say I think they’re the best.

  • Carol James 5 years ago

    All in one company for landscaping… allows a businesses to have only one
    landscape company, low costs, and less time consumption.

  • Rachel McCarthy 5 years ago


  • Gemma Jaywald 5 years ago

    Recommended !!!

  • Emma Genkins 5 years ago

    Great services provided by CAM controls. I would highly recommend them to
    anyone who needs a commercial landscaper.

  • Kerry Lee 5 years ago

    Cam Control will landscape any commercial property throughout Arizona. The
    company had done my property and it has always looked great. Try their
    services today!