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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Madison Square Garden projections. Creative Direction: Pascal Teixeira Projection Design: Bart Kresa Lighting Design: Joakim Faxvaag Graphic Support: Rachele Hebrank, Simon Anaya, Vincent Rogozyk Video System Programming: Bart Kresa, Mike Czarny, Simon Anaya Head Projectionist: Mark Alan Johnson Projection Technology: SenovvA Video Rating: / 5


  • Sunny K 4 years ago

    Skaterjakey nd #'ClwsPolice were here! 2k15, respect from UK

  • Samantha Jackson 4 years ago

    this gives me the chills!

  • SiMOGRAFFITI 4 years ago

    Let go of what? 0:08

  • Chore choreño 4 years ago

    panoramic scenery animation

  • Ingrid B 4 years ago

    They're at coachella tomorrow

  • DeeJaySens3 4 years ago

    Michael Brun brought me here…

  • DRe Deezy 4 years ago

    How did you find out about this group? Did you see them at a festival? Word of mouth? Opened at a concert? Media like magazines and the internet? I am trying to see how I can build my brand in another genre. Thanks for the feedback

  • Fabiola Rondon 4 years ago

    1901 YES.

  • lionel thery 4 years ago

    phoenix.grand vous ecoutes depuis le debut.dimension interplanetaire.

  • fleemy88 4 years ago

    I love this music

  • Mike .Blunce 4 years ago

    I can't wait to see Phoenix at Coachella!!!!!!!!!

  • TheMassimo1492 4 years ago


  • bloc22 4 years ago

    What?! no Sunset Part 2?? I feel jipped 🙁

  • bloc22 4 years ago

    GIrlfriend, Lisztomania, 1901, Lasso, Long Distance Call, Too Young….you MUST listen to them.

  • TheJorgeqqq 4 years ago

    I can't see shit

  • Cameron Mcanespie 4 years ago

    i never actualy heard about them until about 2 mins ago but they are quite good

  • Novia Rubianti 4 years ago

    no cure!!!!!! crazy!!!!

  • kidsonbridges 4 years ago

    @CleolovesColdplay Much better than coldplay! ;-0

  • TheStrongVictorious FamilyOfGod 4 years ago



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