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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Unlike a typical pirate ship ride, this Intamin Looping Starship not only swings back and forth but also does multiple 360° revolutions. Weber also makes a similar swing ship ride called Traumboot (Dreamboat), as does HUSS with their Ranger rotating ship rides. You can watch the off-ride video we posted to see what this Egyptian cargo vessel themed ride looks like: Phoenix is located at the Busch Gardens park in Tampa, Florida. This is us: Read CF tweets: Like us on Facebook: Video Rating: / 5


  • Marcius Hooks 4 years ago

    mickey mouse

    that looks so fun

  • Julianne Grimes 4 years ago

    The ride is still there, and there is no way i'm going on that, i'd rather the upside down part be over quick, and not be dangle like it does

  • Pedro Romero - xb 4 years ago

    Was this ride closed or is it still there?

  • Cataclysmic 4 years ago

    love this ride BUT IT HURTS YOUR CHEST SO BAD

  • Helena Koerner 4 years ago

    I much rather go upside down forwards not backwards; so when my mom asked me if I wanted to go on it, I briefly said no. 

  • Jolene Andrews 4 years ago

    if i have to go on that death trap im going to skweez someone so much ant happinging

  • kennedy edwards 4 years ago

    Scary…! Love it!

  • stokesclnn1 4 years ago

    does it feel like u are gonna fall out

  • caitlin danielle 4 years ago

    To evreyone who want to go on this ride badly trust me it killes your. Chest last time I went on it

  • Hilary Byle 4 years ago

    I remember going on this ride when I was a kid. I had been collecting acorns around the park throughout the course of my visit because being from Arizona and never seeing acorns IRL before made this particular nut cool as hell.
    The lap bar pressed down on my pocket, in which i had maybe a dozen acorns stored inside. The pain was unbearable. I recommend leaving your collected acorns with a non-riding friend, or in a rented locker.

    Pros: Gives you something to talk about for all of eternity. If you love mistakes and pain, this is the ride for you.

    Cons: You will make an exception to the motto 'no regrets' at the top of the ride, when you are dangling upside down on ridiculously firm shoulder bars for those 3 life-changing seconds. Ride cannot accommodate for those who wish to collect acorns in their pockets. You will know how a balloon feels right before it pops from holding too much air. 

  • Misaki 4 years ago

    How about no. XD

  • AyyyeZoie 4 years ago

    I went on that ride yesterday. It was so cool

  • Minecraft Expert 4 years ago


  • Jake Roman 4 years ago

    wow i actually hear my friend complaining that the harness is too tight lolz i thought that everyone would comment that!

  • Sgt Fox 4 years ago

    May 2nd :3 

  • Chayson Dam 4 years ago

    I like the ride it makes me feel safe :)

  • Amanda Bullion 4 years ago

    Wow I can't wait to go on that f*ckin ride


  • ThatOne DisneyFan 4 years ago

    Going on Monday of Spring Break. Is this still there?

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