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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Open desert park with miles of hiking & biking trails through lush, green plains of cactus. This parks largely consists of small mountains and adjacent foothills that reach about 2,000 feet (roughly 600 meters) above the desert floor. They also interrupt the checkerboard pattern of Phoenix’s built environment and are quite prominent, especially since most of the city is flat and gridded. It is important to remember that the Phoenix mountain preserves are open, undeveloped desert areas. Please use care when heading out as hikers routinely encounter rocky terrain, rattlesnakes and other potential hazards native to the Sonoran Desert. Originally, the park system began with Piestewa Mountain Park and North Mountain Park as county parks. However, most of the existing municipal park system was acquired in the early 1970s when Phoenix’s ever-expanding development threatened to encroach on these mountainous areas. All feature extensive hiking trails and many have public access areas with parking, ramadas (picnic tables) and restrooms. Some offer nearby horse stables where horses can be rented and ridden into the park. Video Rating: / 5


  • Kathy Dreyer 3 years ago

    The Scottsdale City Council and special interests are pushing to take 30 acres from the Gateway preserve to build a 74,000 sq ft Desert Discovery Center (DDC) in the Gateway preserve at a cost of $74 million. They are seeking to create a commercial enterprise (along with restaurants, shops, etc) inside the delicate preserve. This is being done WITHOUT a vote
    from the public.

    Watch this video from Councilman Guy Phillips

    Let's keep the Preserve a preserve and say NO to the DDC being built in the Gateway Preserve. Tell Mayor Lane, the City Council and the DDCS to find another place to build the Desert Discovery Center!

  • Joshua Drabble 3 years ago

    We are heading out to Phoenix in March and while we are out there for four months we would like to do some hiking in the area. Where are the best spots to go hiking and what are some do's and don'ts? What should you look to avoid etc? Thanks!

  • The Mrs. KKB 3 years ago

    I finally did this one yesterday morning, although not including the Cactus Wren but up to the top of Union Peak. I posted a short video of my hike …. had a gorgeous sunrise 🙂 Happy New Year 2016 !!!!

  • Beasty 3 years ago

    dumb question, I plan on moving to Phoenix soon…what is the weather like? Basically I want to know how cold it actually gets during winter.

  • The Mrs. KKB 3 years ago

    I just did the Sidewinder/Ocotillo/Ridgeback Overlook this morning at the Apache Wash trailhead (the Northern portion of this preserve) and inspired by you started filming with my GoPro 🙂 I hope to have some of that footage up on youtube soon.  (btw… I created a new channel but I am the same Mrs. KKB as below) – keep up the great work!!!

  • seattwa 3 years ago


  • seattwa 3 years ago

    How long did this take, apprx how far?

  • Mrs. KKB 3 years ago

    My favorite hiking spot!!!  both the Northern and Southern portion – of course the Norther trail head has the bathrooms (Apache Wash)… So happy to see you exploring this amazing area.  Not a lot of people realize that we have these beautiful trails in and around Phoenix Metro!

  • KingsnakeSince1986 3 years ago

    1:19 "chol-la" cactus? Double-L in Spanish, or at least Mexican Spanish, is pronounced with a "Y" sound.: choi-yah. Mogollon Rim: Mug-ee-uhn. Etc. :-)

  • Noman aziz 3 years ago

    You're a real doctor I must say. You know what the viewers would be wanting to watch in the video. 

  • savedpurplecat 3 years ago

    Amazing to see all the houses from the top, I can't imagine what it would be like to live in such a beautiful place, would love to see it after the rain and watch the desert blossom, thanks so much for sharing 🙂 Tim

  • Next72Hours 3 years ago

    wow that looks amazing, and hot…. itsheading intowinter here in New Zealand through we have had some warm days recenty, you can smell the cold in the air. Keep safe and well..regards Phil

  • That Hiking Guy 3 years ago

    Another great hike in the books. Thanks for sharing doc. I enjoy seeing the desert when staring out the window at over a foot of snow lol

  • Canyon Overlook 3 years ago

    Phoenix was ruined for allergy sufferers with the planting of so many trees in the area I read.  I guess the real estates companies wanted to make it like the Midwest. It's too bad.

     It looks like a lot of natural flowering plants exist there too.. i don't know if those are bad for allergies.

    I guess Dubai is the place to go if you want to breath freely.

  • Mike Banzhoff 3 years ago

    Wonderful Doc!

  • InterstateKyle 3 years ago

    The desert is so beautiful in the Spring! I love it! 

  • Tommy Sadler 3 years ago

    Beautiful area. I'd love to see a hike of Four Peaks sometime!

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