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  • Mercedes Adames 4 years ago

    great video thank you what do you spread on the grownd? Your information is sooo helpful thanks again.

  • KarmaGoods 4 years ago

    @ikenney1 Thanks! It comes in sheets or 100ft rolls at any of the big box stores for quite cheap. I use 7ft T-Posts and knock them into the ground so that they're really sturdy. Spaced them 5 feet apart as that's how wide the CR wire is. Measured how tall I'd like the top to be and cut accordingly – then just tied it to the T-Posts using rebar tie-wire. Very easy to put up and take down. Hope this helps!

  • desertcajun10 4 years ago

    How big are the cinder block beds?

  • desertcajun10 4 years ago

    I grew the rattlesnake pole beans here in Albuquerque last year … they did well

  • flyguy1725 . 4 years ago

    @KarmaGoods Thanks!!!!!…looking forward to it!!!!

  • KarmaGoods 4 years ago

    @flyguy1725 Awesome Garden! Update coming soon!

  • flyguy1725 . 4 years ago

    Wow!!..Your have a wonderful many diff varieties… i cant wait till your next update…feel free to check my garden out…keep up the good gardening

  • KarmaGoods 4 years ago

    @shemists1 Thank you! Really glad you checked out our music, I'll pass on the kind words to my brother (the lead guitarist) Cheers!

  • shemists1 4 years ago

    Hey man, this is awesome. I have been thinking of building a new house and now i think i am gonna use some good space for a garden like this. And BTW just checkout out your song, "Nothing". Like it, specially whoever ur lead guitarist is , hats off.

  • okhomestead 4 years ago

    Super video and super informative. I like the different variety of what you are growing. I'm really looking forward to seeing your next update. Superb garden!

  • brandt77 4 years ago

    The rattlesnake pole bean looks a whole lot like purple hull peas.

  • sumip90x . 4 years ago

    Your garden always looks impressive. And i love all your unique trellise techniques for the squashes.. You know how to maximize and utilize your space efficiently.

  • KarmaGoods 4 years ago

    Thanks everybody! @4greenearth2 I now have 13 beds and a 90ft long planter…about 3000sq ft. @tvtoms I'll screen it first to get rid of all the big chunks of chaff and then probably use a small fan blowing lightly for the smaller stuff. It'll be my first time harvesting grain so we'll see how it goes and maybe I'll do a video!

  • tvtoms 4 years ago

    Great looking garden as usual. That Amaranth looks really cool with it's dreds all hanging, lol. How will you harvest the seed/grain? Winnow it with a screen in the wind? That would be a good video to see how it's done.

  • Whippetfest 4 years ago

    Thank you for posting the video. It's wonderful to see all that you've created!

  • 4GreenEarth2 4 years ago

    Beautiful! How big is your garden?

  • HBKitmitto 4 years ago

    Everything looks fantastic!

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