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  • Angela Lazon 1 year ago

    i love ur long hair but ya u have a great garden im envious

  • goltoof 1 year ago

    Go hydro/aero/aqua… I think it's a shame seeing people growing in the desert putting alll this water in soil that just evaporates into thin air.

  • Hissage 1 year ago

    do you seeds or buy plants? what brand ?

  • Hissage 1 year ago

    is your garden in a full sun? morning or afternoon sun? do you water every day in summer? Thanks , I live in Phoenix and I find very challenging to grow a garden.

  • Chris Pike 1 year ago

    Good stuff! Love your gardens!

  • Grace Hollow Rabbitry and Homestead 1 year ago

    Beautiful raised beds!

  • odis bynum 1 year ago

    I am a biginner and I live in Apache Junction, East of Phoenix.. Just wanted to say thanks.. There's not enough videos on gardening in Phoenix or surrounding areas.. I like your layout and I'm sure certain amounts of shade are good.. Idk.. still in planning stages but ready to build beds etc.. any advice??????????????? I'm sure our climates are pretty close 🙂 -Odis Bynum

  • Gummers Garden 1 year ago

    im soooo jellous of your set up lol hope mine is to that standard within next few years but i live in uk england so kinda restricted by rain lol it rains almmost everyday ha

  • jason thomas 1 year ago

    hi there i am from australia and started gardening….your gardens are fuking AMAZING…i rarely sub to people but im subbing to you bro

  • kawaii hop 1 year ago

    I have quite a few tomato plants in my garden bed and lots of flowers have come and gone. I only have two small tomatoes growing. I live in Arizona City – in between Phoenix and Tucson. Do you think the lack of fruit is due to the heat? How often do you fertilize your tomatoes?

  • TheClusternuts 1 year ago

    very nice garden!

  • GrowSomethingGreen 1 year ago

    looking really good, i like the trellis set up you have going on

  • flyguy1725 . 1 year ago

    garden looks really good karma..keep it going and i look forward to your next update!

  • Shadow of Juniper Hill 1 year ago

    Everything looks great! Looking forward to your tips.

  • Kung Fu & Tai Chi Center w/ Jake Mace 1 year ago

    Hey Dylan. Great Update. Always Inspirational for My Garden in Tempe!!! Keep it up!

  • ArizonaAdventures 1 year ago

    looking great!

  • gloorbit 1 year ago

    Thanks for posting. I've lived in Tempe for 8 years or so over my lifetime and I know what you are up against. Cucurbits in general should do well down there.

  • SpikenAL 1 year ago

    Cool Stuff Dude… i'm lookin for tips on the Best Mulch for a Garden it may be Shredded Hard Wood Bark ( What Mulch Is Best )… Garden / Tomato Diseases and Insects..
    Thanks & Good Luck

  • The Productive Garden 1 year ago

    You have lots of good veges growing in your garden there. Good work.

  • KarmaGoods 1 year ago

    50% Black Knitted Shade Cloth from greenhousemegastore(dot)com

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