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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote I took an epic family road trip this past week and a half, and like the photographer I am.. made it all about the photos! In this episode I stop by the Alvord Desert for some awesome textures and night photography, then spend an evening on the lake at the beautiful Sparks Lake. Gear used in this video Canon 5d IV Canon 16-35mm f2.8 version III Canon 70-300 L Go pro hero 5 Evo Gimbal Rode Smart Lav+ Video Rating: / 5


  • South Aussie Outdoors 3 years ago

    Really like the tent in the dry lake….plan on doing something similar on our dry salt lakes.

  • Bruno Godoy 3 years ago

    Good stuff Nick! I will head to Alvord next week and this video helped me a lot… Really thanks!

  • Jack DeAngelis 3 years ago

    Nick, how did you get the overhead shots? Drone? Its not mentioned in the "gear used". Another excellent video, thanks.

  • The Rekras 3 years ago

    In the field episodes for the win! I love these

  • Allan Davies 3 years ago

    Bloody Marvellous video with extraordinary images …

  • Ben Anderson 3 years ago

    Man, I love your videos for tips and tricks. But it's also been awesome watching your photography improve!

  • ortopet519 3 years ago


  • Bart Tecter 3 years ago

    Great video. Very helpful to understand your thought process as you search for your images. If you could add some basic shot info, focal length, ISO, aperture and speed that would be fantastic! Thanks for doing these videos.

  • Mike Penney 3 years ago

    nice real world approach… and i really appreciate the tight editing so we are not watching 15 minutes of nothing….

  • Tony Gouge 3 years ago

    Great video, and images!

  • KidHanzo 3 years ago

    Your videos are very helpful kind sir!

  • David Kelly 3 years ago

    Great stuff..

  • Fredy Benavides 3 years ago

    Very good video Nick. excellent pictures. Very inspirational episode. Congratulations.

  • UAV Patrol 3 years ago

    great stuff. thanknyou.

  • Ron Chapman 3 years ago

    love these videos, keep them coming

  • Hu Ko 3 years ago

    Great, great, great!

  • Justin Porter 3 years ago

    Hey Nick… Love these in the field episodes. I would love to see the final compositions in the photos you've made without the Ken Burns effect or at least a few seconds where we can see the final work. It is hard to get a decent perspective on them when they are moving all the time. I really like your photos so this is really just a request to be able to see them and hopefully not taken as a critique. For reference I like how Andrew Marr finishes his photo in the preview of his video. ( Either way… keep up the great work. Big fan.

  • Junior Amuro 3 years ago

    HI Nick, do you use any ND or Grad filters when taking landscape photos?

  • ymmij765432 3 years ago

    Hi Nick,

    Great vids. Have you ever considered using ND grad filters?

  • Meanwhile in Montenegro 3 years ago

    Im amazed u have so little subs, u deserve a lot more!

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