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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Nestled in the desert of Southern California you’ll find the Mojave Road – a 138-mile trail that cuts completely through the Mojave National Preserve. This trail, which originally served as a route for early pioneers, now remains largely unchanged as a 4×4 road that takes riders on a tour through one of the most beautiful examples of open desert you’ll find in the United States. Recently I ventured out onto this road for some good old-fashioned analog photography and solo-camping. This video is the result of my 2 days on the Mojave Road photographing cinder cones with my 6×17 panoramic film camera. The camera I use in this trip is a Shen Hao TFC 617-A panoramic view camera. This camera is my absolute favorite tool for landscape photography and it, along with my assortment of Nikkor and Schneider lenses, has made it possible for me to create photos that I am truly proud to share. I used 3 different film stocks on this trip: Kodak Portra 160, Fuji Velvia 100, and Ilford Delta Professional 100. I also often use filters made by Lee. Tripod by Gitzo and tripod head by Really Right Stuff (BH-55 LR). The light meter you see me using is a Pentax Digital Spot Meter, same as what Ansel Adams used. The tent I used on this trip is an ARB Room With Floor for the ARB 2000 Awning. I made a video review for each of these products which can be found at the following links: ARB Awning: ARB Room with Floor: Please visit my website for more videos, tips, how-to’s, online photography courses, and more! Follow me on Facebook and Twitter and please give this video a thumbs up! Subscribe to my […]


  • OBW YS 2 years ago

    you are really good! after watching this video i tried take some pictures about lake

  • Al Green 2 years ago

    Epic landscape

  • olimpodavid 2 years ago

    incredible your work and passion that you have for photography.

  • Rick Mentore 2 years ago

    I just keep going back to that picture you called your favorite of the trip. The one where you stressed the nuances of the Fuji Velvia film. How can I get a copy?

  • nerina d'istra 2 years ago

    What a wonderful outfit, the 4runner and especially the tent attached to your vehicle.  are those red canisters for water or extra gas.  this is the way to travel!! also, what is the dslr that you're using? thanks.

  • Rick Mentore 2 years ago

    Fantastic indeed and as you said "can't wait for the next one."

  • Red Vardhami 2 years ago

    Please don't stop doing this Nick! Love the new results and i understand the need to explore even though your monochrome work is special!

  • Eric Bryan 2 years ago

    Nice! I've been loving the desert lately and have been wanting to visit the Mojave as a break from the Joshua Tree area. Your video is good inspiration to get out there before it gets too hot. Those pictures turned out really nice as usual.

  • J Bek 2 years ago

    great video! love the velvia shot.. time to dust off my 4×5… btw, what kind of tent is that you've got attached to the car?

  • Essam Alhammad 2 years ago

    love your "on location photography" series! keep it up

  • Marc Denton 2 years ago

    The b/w images of the cinder cones are superb. Sometimes b/w photography reveals more "beauty" than color & it really speaks right here – at least for me. I am also drawn to your creativity with the astrophotography too.

  • Eric Hoar 2 years ago

    Another great video Nick! I love your hat, but have to ask why John Deere?

  • Edu Castillo 2 years ago

    Nick I love your videos, very inspirational.

  • Douglas Cavener 2 years ago

    I enjoy your attitude about the what the day has to offer. Every day is a special day with or without a great shot.

  • Karl Ekdahl 2 years ago

    There are no other videos on youtube like yours Nick. They are great! Please keep uploading.

  • Ben Horne 2 years ago

    Well done sir! Love the production value and all the camera angles. That's a LOT of work to do. I always tell myself I'm going to do more stuff like that, but sometimes I'm just too beat.

  • bwvids 2 years ago

    Great work Nick – and thanks for sharing even when the light is not "epic" and how you were still able to pull out some great shots! Do you carry multiple 617 film backs? Those can get expensive… like everything photography related!

  • Marsh Owen 2 years ago

    instagram @whos_mr_grape

  • Janee Colette 2 years ago

    I loved that black and white shot! This video really makes me want to shoot with film again, haha.

  • mattinthebox24 2 years ago

    I love that first shot of the Joshua trees! Keep up the the good work and videos!

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