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  • CPs Suckling Drive Thru 1 year ago

    be careful not to enter on Muslims Only freeways,

  • Isak Mattsson 1 year ago

    Nice video! I were in the exact same place with the camp and all that. Super fun:D

  • Ryan Chang 1 year ago

    how far is the sand dunes from the city centre

  • Ailton Bechaire Pictures 1 year ago

    Fã Movie, amazing Shots <3

  • "gangsta music" lmfao why nnot just music ?

  • Petit White 1 year ago

    Nice. About how much it cost for a Dubai vacation like this one?

  • Yitzchal Levi 1 year ago

    Love the way you ended this video! Thank you.

  • pvcollectives 1 year ago

    Was the camera fixed? The one from the modeling photo shoot?

  • Georgina Trotti 1 year ago

    Dune bashing looks so awesome!

  • Gladys Mabel Trotti 1 year ago

    Such an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing it!

  • Jaza Embry 1 year ago

    Love your content

  • cool3esh 1 year ago

    5:15 i know that artist of that song, her name is Jannat 😀

  • Johmathan .B. Swift 1 year ago

    Good morning from Ohio USA
    That's a lot of sand . Never seen a desert before . Thank you.
    7:30 Sort of like a small version of Burning Man they have here in the States.
    That and the Electric Forest Fest would be fun to photograph. In the past few years though, they've become huge
    Wonderful work .
    Always thank you for your sharing of it here on You Tube.

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