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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Deserts plants have to survive in adverse high temperature then how do they survive? how do they make their food? Which feature it has developed to do photosynthesis which is different from normal plants…all this is told in this video. Video Rating: / 5


  • Krishna Kushwaha 1 month ago

    Ma'am plant din Mai agar stomata open nahi karega tho h2O ko kasie break karega sunlight ke bina possible nahi hai

  • Komal Gond 1 month ago

    During photosynthesis the removal of oxygen, then how it possible that when stomatas are close in day time of deserted plant. If the stomatas of deserted are close in day then how it do remove oxygen in day time

  • Anil Singh 1 month ago

    Mam diaphragm pe video bana do plz

  • shriya khapekar 1 month ago

    Good explanation

  • Pavanesh Rathi 1 month ago

    Very NYC explanation di..
    I like very much this teaching…

  • Mamta Yadav 1 month ago

    Kya Alovera desert plant nhi hay.hay to kyo we soil land pe bhi hote hay

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  • Anya Raj 1 month ago

    just amazing
    kamal hai

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  • SOMYA SHARMA 1 month ago

    Very nice

  • beauty with brain #limitless 1 month ago

    Thanx di..

  • Rahul Pandey 1 month ago

    Amazing video

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