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  • Elena Reed 6 years ago

    Thinking of Kurt Cobain with this song. He should be here.?

  • dm51964 6 years ago

    Bass and drums in perfection :)?

  • Peter Dubowski 6 years ago

    I heart Pixies.?

  • Jane Millerick 6 years ago

    THIS is the song I really wanted to post as the lyrics are beautiful,
    poetic, romantic in that almost feral way… read a post that Bowie did a
    cover of same song on a tour of his! only thing is sound is not best in
    terms of ‘loud.’ so .. crank it!!!!?

  • Emily Parker 6 years ago

    best pixies song ever?

  • Alicia Borley 6 years ago

    fantastic song from the Pixies. enjoy 🙂 ?

  • Maddy J 6 years ago

    this is best love song…for sure….in my opinion…

  • TAY V

  • Daniel Braaten 6 years ago

    @WoodRatGirl It was on his Heathen album though

  • lilacwine1971 6 years ago

    No <3

  • Asprah99 6 years ago

    Fucking sick bass

  • SmoothHourglass 6 years ago

    @Animatube1 Clever girl… But still, a lot of great bands were influenced
    by Pixies.

  • The666churchburner 6 years ago

    Christ.I kno these guys formed in the 80s but,man,did they blow up in the
    90s.for me,it was full of trials,tragedies,and,triumph.what a good fucking be 15 in1994.its to me what the60s where to the hippies.I hate
    getting old

  • TBunzenthal 6 years ago

    Sickest Lovesong ever…

  • pakourmasta226 6 years ago

    @ericmcfadden lol 2 people need to fuck a cactus

  • TBunzenthal 6 years ago

    @999duhast I don’t think they’ve ripped them, but the Pixies were Kurt’s
    favourite band.

  • lilacwine1971 6 years ago

    pixies are the music of my youth and i never was aware of the lyrics of
    this song …till now ,my god ,that is the most beautiful loveletter ever
    ,im blown away by it

  • thisistedwells 6 years ago

    @mialikeswhitenoise I know that’s the crazy part lol

  • UFUk MENOW 6 years ago

    @TBunzenthal no, that would be leadbelly.

  • BIGxBOSSxx1 6 years ago

    This song needs to be longer :/

  • BIGxBOSSxx1 6 years ago

    This, and ‘In the Arms of Sleep’ by The Smashing Pumpkins are both my
    favorite love songs.

  • mialikeswhitenoise 6 years ago

    @ThisisTedWells you mean Jack White sounds like Frank Black… Frank Black
    came first!

  • MrNikopoulos 6 years ago


  • Osladine 6 years ago

    @WoodRatGirl This cover was on “Heaven”

  • Translucent Microcosm 6 years ago

    Now I know why I never saw the Pixies.