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  • Julie Farmer 7 years ago

    omg this helped a lot im getting a A on? my science test!!!!!! thanks man

  • kevin fitzgerald 7 years ago

    OOOOOOKKKKKAAAAAAYYYY! Now I get it. the difference between the pods? on a palo verde and chaparell/allthorn. Now I know why I felt…funny…after eating allthorn seeds. from now on I’ll read the plant book and carry charcoal. Thanks for the closeup shot on this video. It was helpful. The prickly pears are ripe here. going to pick some today. hope your hand got better.

  • Dmajorproductions 7 years ago

    im from tucson and i hate arizona..its so hot all the time…i was built for the cold…originally from minnesota….thats probably why…?

  • desertsurvivalist 7 years ago

    They do resemble fresh garden peas but with a little sweetness and? asparagus flavor. Really great stuff, I am surprised you can’t get them in the grocery store. They do taste that good.

  • ArmyRanger10 7 years ago

    What do they taste like? Do they? taste like normal peas you grow in a garden? Ive never been to the desert but if I ever do im going to look for some.

  • desertsurvivalist 7 years ago

    Oh man, In the area I was in there are more wild? edibles the you can shake a stick at. The desert actually does provide a lot of food this time of year. Thanks for the comment. I am glad you enjoyed the video.