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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote David Attenborough examines the amazing way in which flowers can bloom in what appears to be a barren desert. From the BBC. Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • ioolooi 7 years ago

    ????? ?????

  • kimrainman 7 years ago

    God is? amazing

  • paul mason 7 years ago

    CORRECT. david attenborough is not a god THERE IS ONLY ONE? GOD AND HE IS FATHER OF CREATION

  • MegaAplauz 7 years ago

    zebras can be? brutal

  • GunMan207 7 years ago

    no? he’s a GOD!!!!!

  • lljcool7 7 years ago


  • bookluver0908 7 years ago

    I agree completely… Jusr running into such a beautiful place, just collapsing, rolling around, leaughing… What a pure moment? that would be to just forget about everything… ?

  • bookluver0908 7 years ago

    It’s so baeutiful…? I have never been so happy to live in Arizona… =)

  • pal98111 7 years ago

    A better witness to a creator than any? preacher.

  • TheOrionStar 7 years ago

    ur? sentences dont really make any sense

  • YouIslovely 7 years ago

    Over the deserts miles and miles of solar panal effects.

    Moist returns? in the desert permenently,
    New insects are born partly related to parts of the panels.
    What is thair objective?

  • Osman Dimen 7 years ago

    hi its a good video,? from osman

  • IBKTB 7 years ago

    it’s like? a miracle so beautiful

  • Leila Smith 7 years ago

    breath taking… God never fails to amaze me 🙂 :-)?

  • faithinrockstars 7 years ago

    you know how awesome that would be to run in the field of flowers and just fall on your back as the petals? go flying into the air making beautiful designs….. (sighs) pure magic 🙂

  • kylejames1988 7 years ago

    Cool, who knew you could? find seeds this way. Probably not “green” to take em eh?

  • ldavidferguson 7 years ago

    Audio? quality poor. Visuals okay. Overall effect is lost because of technical poor quality.

  • swiminthesoil 7 years ago

    It almost doesn’t even look real?

  • greenpalaka 7 years ago

    plastic is just part of what is said…there is also smoke,garbage,polution,? trash etc..and you

  • lordsamoth 7 years ago

    greenpalaka, although i think de same as u its those plastics that let u log on to the net in ur pc etc that let u write? that comment, where does that leave us ?

  • greenpalaka 7 years ago

    sad part is we are trading this? for plastics, smoke,garbage,polution, trash etc… 🙁 sad

  • rugbysam 7 years ago

    David Attenborough is the? man!

  • AlbinoCaterpillar 7 years ago

    *sniff, sniff* Hear, hear!?

  • AlbinoCaterpillar 7 years ago

    This is from a TV show. BBC Worldwide has reduced the quality. The DVD? has higher quality.

  • heoquayhp 7 years ago

    its sad how the general? public dont have a clue about the beautiful things of nature