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  • Gypsynurse Cathy 2 years ago

    Nurses do everything well, even video the desert!

  • Cindy C - the dogs and me. 2 years ago

    Interesting vegetation there. So different from up north.

  • Mummy and Clyde 2 years ago

    Just love you vireos. I LOVE THE DESERT when the SNAKES ARE NOT AROUND LOL Have a blessed day

  • S & S and the RV Cats 2 years ago

    That dead cactus was cool but scary with the prickers. How interesting that the dead ones can grow leaves. Lots of cool cactuses. I didn't see all of those. Glad you got to see them. Those rocks were cool. You find such a good perspective on things in your videos. I believe I ate cactus once at something called Taste of Buffalo. I get excited about silly things too. That loofah cactus was cool too.

  • The Shellinator 2 years ago

    The Bush that gets the yellow flowers ( ask your friend she was up close to it) could be what we call Mormon tea or Indian tea or another name Navajo tea. It is such a good tea, similar to black tea brewed.( Disclaimer definitely want to identify it before brewing)

  • The Shellinator 2 years ago

    Love your video's. Your a down home person as we say at home and keep them coming.
    Your so funny..awesome, cool lol. Your wow is fine. When I first went to the desert many years ago "wow" was how I felt. No matter where you go the desert has its own awesome beauty.

  • Clint Price 2 years ago

    You’re doing just fine, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying and being wowed by what you see. All these videos make me want to drive cross country and see all that’s out there. The Mrs doesn’t see what I find so appealing so I will go alone and do it on my timeline. What has the old farmer been doing while you’re out and about? Is he a social guy or more to himself?

  • Paula Elliott 2 years ago

    You are so funny!!! I think you have plenty of words!! Lol. You are doing a fantastic job of filming and describing your “finds” so don’t worry, just keep on sharing the journey! We have had a couple of really pretty days here back home, but not near as much fun as you are having so like I said “Keep filming, keep commenting and keep sharing….. we love and appreciate it!” Stay safe!

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