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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Hey guys! Today I’ll be showing you my collection of (mostly) cacti and succulents 🙂 I made a video on my main channel about DIY fake succulents from clay, and several people asked me for a garden tour 🙂 See the original video here: Also, if you’d like to see how I made the fake terracotta head planted, it’s in this video: Subscribe to my main channel (if you aren’t already): INSTAGRAM TUMBLR Disclaimer: not sponsored 🙂 Video Rating: / 5


  • Wendy 6 months ago

    I always go to garden centers and find fallen off succulent leaves and then I propegate them!

  • rAnita Florian 6 months ago

    Lovely garden. I completely can relate…Like me I don't know all the proper names of my succulents or cacti, I just LOVE THEM! Thank you for sharing. =) <3

  • Retro Ray's Succulents 6 months ago

    Awesome collection!

  • John Alevir Asenjo 6 months ago

    You may watch urban gardens… They a have a episodes regarding rose plants… It will help you to regain the health of your roses

  • brandi Koch 6 months ago

    The second unknown succulent is a hwarthia I believe.

  • Terri R Beavers 6 months ago

    My dream plants. Just beautiful.

  • Tammy Finch 6 months ago

    Randum vine is a pothos devils ivy

  • Tammy Finch 6 months ago

    Snake plant is a sansivaria

  • Tammy Finch 6 months ago

    Lettuce is an echivaria

  • Karen Garcia 6 months ago

    Pablo is good looking beautiful!

  • Jennifer Harrison 6 months ago

    Lovely video, and even lovelier succulents and cacti! My only feedback to improve would be a slower flow to your edits. I don't feel like I have enough time to visually absorb each pot/cluster of plants before you cut away. There's so many beautiful babies to ogle and I want more time to enjoy the porn! Lol.

  • Pleasant Prickles 6 months ago

    I love all of your dish gardens! Thanks for sharing!

  • Holly h 6 months ago

    Hi! Can you help me locate the DIY video you did of the planter head you grow a spider plant in?

  • Joshua Taylor 6 months ago

    So I swear you and me would be the best of friends!!! I have almost all the same succulents as you and I'm obsessed just as much as you lol!!! I wish I could show you my succulents and cacti! And if love to see more of yours! If you have snapchat follow me im jbtay87. I post lots of my succulents! That pink aloe you said is your favorite is also my favorite!! I just recently found it and now I have 3 very tiny babies. Any advice on growing baby aloe like that one? I'll be so upset if I kill them which is why I got 3! Not sure how to water them.

  • Sophie Mead 6 months ago

    this video is very ASMR !!

  • Girly Guinea Piggies 6 months ago

    great video!

  • Silvana Tipacti 6 months ago

    Hi….i am very happy you have peruvian cactus….were you in my country???

  • Cisjwish 6 months ago

    It's so nice to hear you talk about something you are obviously very passionate about. Your garden is very beautiful!

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