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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This was filmed 2 days before our trip and shows me getting EVERYTHING into the ground that I’ve had for at least a month…in pots…bad plant Mama, lol! (Sorry it is so long but a lot went down that I am really proud of!) What was planted was; 2 banana plants, cherry barbados bush, 2 desert willow trees, 2 heritage red raspberry bare root plants, a hummingbird vine bare root, a white hydrangea, 2 pink lantana flowers for ground cover, a pink flap jack succulent, 2 new blackberry plants, a yellow bell flower bush, 2 rose of sharon bushes bare root, 2 oleander trees, purple heart succulent, dwarf tangelo tree, cocoa tree, garlic chive plant & japanese wisteria vine! I also repaired all my temporary fences, cleaned up sprinkler install mess, cleaned up debri from wind storms, moved all flower pots not in the ground to be near the sprinkler system, trimmed 5 trees just a little and repaired my sprinkler that I cover in another video. Blog: Facebook:… Email: Pinterest: Twitter: Video Rating: / 5


  • CR Conway 4 years ago

    You're doing such a great job! I've been working on my bare full western exposure plot so I understand about getting things planted before full-blown summer. Even though I know not to put out my tepary bean seed until monsoon…I couldn't wait. After all these years growing much of my own food, I know that sometimes plants will remind me that I was pushing it but sometimes they surprise me and grow fine.

  • tgo92507 4 years ago

    I had some challenges with my first set of tree collards they did not root… here is a post about the lessons I learned from the first set of three…

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