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  • Nathan Ho 4 years ago

    Do you keep chicken wire or some kind of netting under your garden beds to protect against gophers?

  • Tokay Gecko 4 years ago

    Out of curiosity, What is considered cold for you guys in Tempe. I plan on making a move to phoenix soon. What are the average daytime temperatures during the winter months within the city?

  • Joshua Shrum 4 years ago

    Jake about how much property do you have? I'd love an overhead view of your yard with your drone!!

  • heatherryan108 4 years ago

    I'm so glad I found your channel, thank you! I am getting ready to plant a pretty big garden in a new home and need all the tips I can get! I would love to be able to grow most of the food for our family :-)

  • timingisperfect 4 years ago

    Jake is that a little frost damage on your passionfruit or has the below-32 cold not hit you yet? Is your backyard covered in plastic or just the one tree you filmed?

    I have a backyard of crispy figs and lightly affected citrus, and looking at the forecast I think I will have to live vicariously through your tropical trees for a while longer.

  • Curtis Smith 4 years ago

    I bet you hit the golf ball a long way as fast as you can shift your hips.

  • Richard Sydenham 4 years ago

    I think you scould try to grow some Alma (Indian goose berrys ) they are good for your hair and tasty

  • Luis Lopez 4 years ago

    New style jake :')

  • asdf GARDENING 4 years ago

    THE BIRD!! Hahaha!

    Nice planting with ya, Jake! Looking forward to the sequel!

  • Gallifrey Gardens 4 years ago

    MMM i can eat those like popcorn. I fact i do,

  • tom8181 4 years ago

    Can you grow asparagus?please thankyou

  • tortaboy 4 years ago

    Do you have ANY confirmation that leaving the dead root of a nitrogen fixing plant provides any immediate nutrition to your raised beds?    It would more likely rob nitrogen as it breaks down, just like any other unfinished compost.

  • nathan carter 4 years ago

    What was going on with the bird? just found it hanging out in the garden?

  • Life Content 4 years ago

    Awesome video.

  • Life Content 4 years ago

    Hey Jake, why cut your hair in the winter?

  • Retired SeniorChief 4 years ago

    Nice cut!

  • Craig Huber 4 years ago


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