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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote When planting potatoes for a spring garden, start before the heat of the summer. Start growing potatoes with the tips in this free video on gardening and far… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Even if you only have a patio or balcony, you can still have home-grown potatoes. Plus, it doesn’t have to cost much, or even anything if you can get chitted… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • MAGTRAIN 7 years ago

    Very good video. I usually just use half composted soil instead of mulch and fully composted soil. But I like your video and I think it’s a very effective way to grow potatoes. I think I’m going to? try the mulch this year. After all, it is possible to grow potatoes in a bail of hay.

  • MaxwellsDemon2000 7 years ago

    Yes I had those beetles as well, very hard? to kill, nasty business! Cool Videos!

    Nastrumen de nuda si di nema I kalu.

  • broadwayFan28 7 years ago

    These kind on videos can be very misleading. Without the harvest, who knows if this method works, I have seen too often YouTube videos with “tomatoes in 1 gallon milk jugs”? or “potatoes in a 5 gallon bucket” totally fail.

    I know it takes patience but next time wait until harvest to post the video or at least a link to it.

  • checkfoldcallraise 7 years ago

    i wish i was a spud, just hangin out waiting for a storm. 🙂 i love potatoes. now? i have plants all over yard lol.

  • kalecgos978 7 years ago

    i wish danny would have his own youtube channel. then tht? would be amazing!

  • zurriagazo71 7 years ago

    you are a star. I think I

  • 100flyingfish 7 years ago

    this guy is a pro?

  • J Wilmore 7 years ago

    potatoes really love compost–thanks a bunch for the? video

  • John Batch 7 years ago

    One of the reasons one should avoid supermarket potatoes, is that they may have been sprayed with a growth inhibitor, to stop them sprouting in storage. Obviously this will prevent them from growing properly? if they are used as seed potatoes.

  • goldenjoy09 7 years ago

    Please make more videos. I loved? watching these! This is so inspiring to grow my own vegetables

  • JonFrumTheFirst 7 years ago

    Many supermarket potatoes WILL sprout – anyone who buys potatoes has seen sprout on old spuds. The? reason you’re advised to not use them is they may carry virus with them from the field. Seed potatoes are processed in a way to prevent virus from being carried through.

  • JonFrumTheFirst 7 years ago

    Do not put broken crockery in the bottom of any container. That’s a? horticultural old wife’s tale, and doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.

  • JonFrumTheFirst 7 years ago

    Farmers grow produce? in dirt! Shocking!

  • Woodstone136 7 years ago

    How can you not think about “how clean” you garbage? can is, when your growing your food in it. That’s the first thing I thought of when watching your video

  • Michbag84 7 years ago

    Hi? there, great tips, I was wondering about the drainage though, I have a decked balcony with other peoples balconies below, would alot of water go through on to theirs or is it very minimal? Xx

  • thriftygardener 7 years ago

    Hi Jerrid3,
    I’d never? thought of that. I guess if it worries you, or you are dubious about where the container came from, then find another container you’re happy with (or can sterilise more easily than plastic). Alternatively, plead with friends and family for cast-off contaioners that you know the history of.

  • Jerrid3 7 years ago

    How do you determine what containers are safe to use? I mean if you found it in the trash how do you know it is safe to use? Even if you washed it how do you know if some sort of chemicals were used in it thus regular washing did not clean it? Another video? said they used metal buckets and they burned it out. I am not sure you can really burn plastic ones with out destroying the bucket.

  • 1976frank 7 years ago

    Excellent? video, very clear and informative. I’m going to try my first potatoes in a container this year.

  • baldrick07526 7 years ago

    hi thrifty,i just got to say ” your videos are excellent ” some of the best i have seen on here !!!! really informative? and straight forward,im a new gardener and had a good year (last) with flowers and i collected loads of seeds and they are now just starting to shoot 🙂 i’m trying potato,carrot,beetroot.onion and corn this year so green fingers crossed 🙂 and once again,thank you…..john.

  • i will be growing container spuds this year for the first time , your? vid was very helpful , many thanks

  • ThriftCultureNow 7 years ago

    Thanks for the Thrifty Tip! Smashing Good job, please keep it up, I look forward to more videos this spring? and summer.
    Here’s to Thrift

  • magicstches 7 years ago

    Oh, thank you soo very much! I have always wanted to potatoes and I did nt want to use my regular garden cuz I don’t have that much to begin with so I am thrilled to find this way. I can put these “CANS” anywhere. thank you, thank you, and I love your website.? Happy, Happy from the USA, patty

  • thriftygardener 7 years ago

    Just leave a few leaves exposed, so they can get the light and continue the growing process. Probably, if? you covered totally, the plant would cope fine, but I like to give the plant the best possible chance – all plants need light and water to grow.

    Good luck with your potatoes, Dinnycash!

  • dinnycash 7 years ago

    do? you cover the stalks compleatly with compost

  • thriftygardener 7 years ago

    Hi phoenixrb1, and thanks for commenting.
    Seed potatoes are those sold specifically for growing. They were available in big bags from? the garden centres a few weeks ago … you might get them reduced now as everywhere has flowers ready for the Bank Holiday plant up!
    You don’t have to chit them, like mine in the video were (allowing them to grow shoots) – doing that just gives the plants a head start.

    Good luck!

  • phoenixrb1 7 years ago

    Hi, Great videos. You sound alot like me, making everything out of anything ha! I have just recently planted some potatoes, its my first time at having a go. I have subscribed to your channel to get more idea’s. I was wondering if you could tell me what seed potatoes are? sounds obvious sorry but I have been told not to use supermarket potatoes but I don’t know where to start about growing on my potatoes for next year. If you could help that would be great. Good luck with your channel? 🙂 Thx

  • thriftygardener 7 years ago

    Good luck, msfullroller. Let me know how they? do!