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  • Alexander Gabriel 1 year ago

    Laura, I am lost money to buy roses that my roses completely dried out at my cement backyard full sun condition. Can some tropical roses really can hold with dry hot climate in Malaysia here? Really desire have cold warm climate like England.

  • Marissa Ayala 1 year ago

    Hello, your garden looks amazing. What do you use to plant your roses? Also, is epsom salt good to plant with the roses?

  • Mary Hodges 1 year ago

    I love this rose!! Gorgeous♥️

  • Jem Heart 1 year ago

    Laura! Awesome vid!
    I’ve just bought a bare root David Austin rose because you recommend them but I have no idea what I’m doing with it once it comes and feel so overwhelmed! Have planted one or does anyone have any tried and true tips with them?

  • Kelsey Fifer 1 year ago

    I love your videos!! I do have two questions, you’ve mention a brand of roses you like in particular but I can’t find the video where you said it. I think it was a brand that was pest resistant with a very large and fragrant bloom. Also do they have climbing roses? Thanks!

  • Devorah BatMiriamGoldaVMordecai Bayer 1 year ago

    Will you be underplanting or comanion planting your roses? Also I have a western exposure zone 6, any rose selection and grow tips. Thank you.

  • balAch baluch 1 year ago

    Can you tell me how to grow the rose cutting I grow English rose cutting they grow after one month day dai so what can be reason

  • Melancholic Plant Witch 1 year ago

    You can use those rosehips in tea to boost the immune system and keep you from being as susceptible to sickness.

  • Pam Dick 1 year ago

    You can cut the bottom out of the pot the rose came in and slit it up one side and use it to collar your rose. Saves money!

  • Surayudh Yim 1 year ago

    Is it perennial?

  • Martha Figueroa 1 year ago


  • Great video Laura! I love roses, any and all but especially the orange/peach colors. I do have a request regarding roses: could you please do a video on Rose Rosette disease, (aka “Witches-Broom”)? Thank you!

  • Alexzandra de la Iglesia 1 year ago

    Lady bugs are great to keep pests at bay on roses! Ask for them at your favorite garden center.

  • Karen 1 year ago

    What a pretty rose, and smells good too! 🙂

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