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  • Punnyh C 1 year ago

    I love this video!! How therapeutic

  • Ali Grace 1 year ago

    the whole time i was NICE!! but how is she gonna get that pot back onto that stand hahahah

  • claryxox 1 year ago

    Steph is literally so cute. That "no!" when she was putting the river rocks in the white pot. 😀

  • uneporn 1 year ago

    love it!

  • Bola Abodunrin 1 year ago

    Segundo's so cool. He seems like an awesome friend.

  • J. Morales 1 year ago

    Love the video, thank you! <3333

  • s.tomi.rey 1 year ago

    where did you get your coffee table?

  • Anissa Ramos 1 year ago

    This was so soothing to watch! Love you Steph!

  • Dæmon Græyson 1 year ago

    Why not just drill a drainage hole?

  • Lia TheCreator 1 year ago

    dude house tour plzz

  • Camille Bou 1 year ago

    Love your vlog girl <3

  • Jasmin Laufeyson 1 year ago

    watching this while wearing the same shorts

  • jasminebr0 1 year ago

    fiddle plants are so hard to take care of 🙁 BEST OF LUCK THOUGH.

  • Paloma D 1 year ago

    The little cacti family is suh cute Good job Steph! Haha x

  • Anna Li 1 year ago

    You're such a good cacti mommy lol

  • Sandy Rapid 1 year ago

    Tongs are great for working with cacti! Also a spoon is super handy for pouring in soil close to the plant.

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